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#1022: More on Il Fronte

Having read all the Emily books, the anime is now even more of a pleasure than it was before I read 'em.

The anime has pretty much crammed the first two novels into a blender and hit "puree", but here's what I think happened: either they started to tell just the first story and then ran out of story before they ran out of episodes; or else they were originally going to do the whole thing and got cut partway through.

That's why we spend 19 eps on Emily of New Moon and then start on Emily Climbs in ep 20. With exactly 7 eps to finish the story. *sigh* Still, I'm enjoying it.

I noticed that the character design for Ilse is spot-on, and the the color of Emily's eyes is perfectly matched to the description in the book.

The animators missed the scene where Emily convinces Aunt Elizabeth to let her wear bangs, though, so we're stuck with Il Fronte throughout the series.

In ep 21, Emily et al suddenly jump from "grade school" character designs to "freshman in high school" character designs. Mainly it's the proportions; the proportioning of the bodies to their heads changes from "kid" to "young adult".

Emily wears the Edwardian equivalent of a sailor suit. Heh.

So now I only have four eps left of Emily of New Moon.

* * *

I was surprised to learn that the seventh ep of Spice and Wolf is going to be DVD-only. I wonder why?

* * *

Sunday I did nothing but nap and watch anime. That's it. It was another beautiful spring day, but I didn't do anything worthwhile.

I expect the part for the van to come in either today or Tuesday, though, and then I'll be hurling myself under the thing to get everything bolted back together. Whee!

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