atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#1026: Two kinds of stupid.

Both of these come from Jalopnik.

Moron-mobile at "sound drag" suffers structural damage.

It wouldn't be so bad if such competitions were the only places people used such audio hardware. Unfortunately, as the weather has warmed, I have increasingly found myself pummeled by the noise generated by phimotic morons with too much stereo and not enough cerebrum.

In the comments for this story, someone asks what the difference is between this guy and someone spending thousands on knocking a few tenths off his quarter-mile time. The difference?

In the latter case the car is DRIVABLE.

Dumping thousands of dollars worth of audio hardware into a car, thus rendering it completely undrivable, is stupid. Why bother with the car? Just build a box or a tank or something. If your only point is to make a stereo which is as loud as possible at one frequency why is the car even necessary?

The Department of Transportation is going to accelerate the CAFE phase-in. Half of the required increase will go into effect up front: automakers must get an average of 31.5 MPG from their fleet within 7 years.

Way to go. American automakers are already struggling. The new CAFE standard will make their row harder to hoe. But it's not enough! No, we must make the situation even harder for American automakers.

Why, I do not know.

...except that oh! We must be environmentally conscious!


Get used to the idea of buying your cars from Japan, Korea, and China.

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