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#1028: Emily and Spice and Wolf

I finished both series today. S&W has been left wide open for a sequel, which would be really nice. Emily completed the story of the books by ignoring a whole chunk of stuff in the third book and going right to the end, skipping the stuff with Ilse and Teddy being engaged and a lot of the story surrounding the offer Emily got to go to New York.

As I said before, the anime also skips over Emily's betrothal to Dean "Jarback" Priest. (In fact, he's not "Jarback" in the anime, either.)

Both of these series are worth watching. I would avoid Emily if you have an aversion to angst, though; let's face it--the series is based on books written by the same woman who wrote Anne of Green Gables. Okay? But I liked it.

Besides finishing those series, I started watching Da Capo and Chocotto Sister. DC is...I'm not sure what it is yet, as of ep 2. It looks like it'll be worthwhile, but not enough has happened yet for me to get a grip on what is happening and why.

CS, though, is the story of a guy who asks for a little sister for Christmas when he was young...and when he's of college age, "Santa" delivers. (I put it in quotes because the "Santa" in this case is a babe on a flying motorcycle.) A few years late, but he now has a cute 10-year-old (more or less) little sister. It's promising and I've liked all the characters which have been introduced so far.

* * *

I had a refrigerator moment with Emily's Quest, though. There's a scene where she has written a novel and had it rejected by every publisher who she's sent it to. She has Dean Priest read it; he lies and tells her it's not very good. So she burns it.

Later he recants his lie and is shocked that she made good on her promise to burn it if he didn't like it. But the thing is, the narration clearly states that she typed the thing from her handwritten manuscript, and made at least one copy of it when the original typed copy got too dog-eared, and the description of her burning the book didn't imply that she burned every copy of it--just the manuscript that Dean had been reading.

Montgomery either made a mistake or didn't make Emily's actions very clear.

* * *

Tuesday was a washout, though. I went to bed late, didn't sleep well, got up at 9:30 to take Mom to an eye appointment, and didn't get home until after 1 PM. Then I slept for a couple more hours and made dinner (bratwurst, grilled, of course).

And so I have a funny story to relate.

We have a few "outdoor" cats here. Mainly they are strays/feral cats but we feed them as if they were pets. They do a wonderful job of keeping the rodentia populations from overwhelming us; I haven't seen a single mouse or mouse dropping in the house since these cats started living here. The cats keep the rodents in check, we feed the cats, everyone's happy.

Anyway, when I moved the grill up the single step to the main patio, I felt something squirming under the cover. Before I had a chance to get scared, I realized it was a kitty, so I just kept on with what I was doing. As soon as I let go of the grill, the cat eeled out from under the cover and took off around the side of the house at Mach nine, appearing at least twice as big as it normally is.

O did I laugh. Why is it so damned funny when a cat flees in terror like that?

Anyway, so I got the grill heated up and got the brats going, and then my indoor cat Luna was meowing and leaning against the screen door. Luna, having lived inside since she was born, doesn't really get the whole "inside/outside" thing. She apparently thinks I'm just in another room, and she wants to be in the same room that I'm in.

Once, when I lived in Cedar Rapids, I was grilling out in front of the apartment. Luna slipped outside while I was trying to either get in or out with food. She got out and then stopped dead, noticing that she was outside. She threw up, then noticed the vomit and leapt about three feet in the air to get away from it--yes, my cat is insane--and ran back inside.

And so today, I opened the screen door and picked her up, holding her to my shoulder, and closed the door. Luna was a bit nervous but fine...until she saw around the side of the house. The walls bent the wrong way! There was no ceiling! At that point she made it obvious that she wanted back inside right fucking now, so I put her back inside. Her tail was a bottle brush. Poor cat.

She's an agorophobe. That's all I can figure. She's definitely an indoor kitty.

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