atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#1035: I slept a lot again.

Sunday vanished. I slept through most of it, though I did take Mom to do the shopping. And I was up long enough to eat dinner. When I finally got up for good I ended up watching a bunch of House, MD reruns on USA and then caught a How It's Made marathon on...uh...some other channel.

And then watched a bunch of anime:

Da Capo 3
Clannad 1
O!MG! (season 2) 1
Blazing Transfer Student OVA 1
Hayate no Gotoku 1
Moetan 6
Chocotto Sister 3

...guess I was slept out.

The first ep of Clannad was intriguing, and I liked it. But it was, after all, only the first ep of the series. (Now cry.)

Moetan ep 6--why the hell could this not be broadcast? I don't get it. It didn't seem any worse than the prior ones.

HnG starts well, too. I liked it, and I'm glad there are 51 more episodes to watch. If the quality stays up, it'll be fun.

Blazing Transfer Student--a 2-part OVA I downloaded based solely on the name--is animated in late '70s style and is not all that entertaining. In fact, it's kind of stupid. I may not watch the second part of it.

Once the anime was done I crashed for about 11 hours. *sigh* Reason? "Gut malf". My digestion has been crummy for the past several days but Sunday it was wrecked. It's better now but I'm still tired; I'm glad I don't have to be at work until Wednesday.

But I'm not getting anything done, damn it. The grass needs cutting, I still haven't finished putting the van back together, and there's a myriad of other things which are clamoring for my attention and not getting it. Argh etc. I didn't even post an entry here on Sunday, which is only the second day this year I've missed posting anything, no matter how trivial or stupid.

I'm hoping to get the grass (at least some of it) cut tomorrow. We'll see.

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