atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#1041: A hell of a headline.

Ronaldo involved in altercation with transvestites.


"Ronaldo" is a soccer star of some repute in Brazil. In fact the link text that drew my attention to the story went "Brazilian soccer icon involved in altercation with transvestites".

The name "Ronaldo" reminds me of some byplay between a friend of mine and a friend of his then-girlfriend. Scott was speaking in this odd pseudo-Italian/Spanish accent:

Scott: And his name is--Rudolfo!
Misty: His name is Dave.
Scott: Ah, his name is Dave! And he's a really sexy guy!
Misty: That's right! And he has a tattoo.
Scott: And he has a tattoo, and beeg throbbing neeples, ooh! He is exciting!

These are the kinds of people I was friends with in the 1990s. *sigh*

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