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#1047: Nothing today.

Just nothing. Nothing at all. Nothing I want to comment on. Nothing in the blogroll, nothing in the news, nothing about anime, manga, cars, weather, cats, food, science fiction, or whatever the hell else I usually blather about.

How pathetic.

* * *

"How pathetic" is funny because I used to watch World's Wildest Police Videos, when it was still generating new episodes, religiously. It was my one "dumbass TV" indulgence, and the thing that kept me coming back was the sarcastic comments made by retired sheriff John Bunnell.

When I bought a used PSOne in 2005, and visited GameStop for a new game or two, I bought a used copy of the video game because it had him on the cover.

That show--and the game it spawned--could not have been what it was without John Bunnell doing the narration. He delivered excessively cheesy lines in this disdainful voice without a shred of irony. "Years of delivering pizzas have taught him to drive this way." "Going from zero to felon in six seconds." Etc.

But my all-time favorite line came from a short montage segment of people doing the "smash-and-grab", where they'd break a window, grab whatever they could, and then flee. In one cut--video from a security camera--two women busted in the glass door of a liquor store, ran in, grabbed a few bottles each, and ran out again.

John Bunnell: "Risking a charge of breaking and entering for a few bottles of cheap booze." Pause. "How pathetic can you get?"

I missed what happened next; I was too busy laughing. From that point on, I began watching for places to say, "how pathetic" in everyday communication. And I still do.


* * *

But WWPV ended up generating another laugh for me. At the time, my friends and I were playing an Alternity campaign, and one session involved a chase scene in space. Starting from there I wrote a page of script for World's Wildest Alternity Adventures in which John Bunnell narrated an "in-cockpit video" of the player characters being chased by whoever it was in the game who was chasing them (it was ten years ago. Sorry). The GM said it was really entertaining.

In the script, I specifically mentioned that "Retired Sheriff John Bunnell" was wearing a gold spacesuit. This was an homage to--! Ha ha! I won't tell you! Either you're a big SF fan like me, in which case you know what it's a reference to, or else you won't think it's funny anyway. So F it.

* * *

The DVD recorder that I was so proud of repairing a few months back has died again. Same issue: "invalid disk", and I haven't bothered to check if it works with CD-Rs. I've pretty much decided that I'm going to buy a new DVD recorder. There's a nice Panasonic at work for $180 which ought to fill the bill. It doesn't have a tuner in it, but I have never used this unit's internal tuner anyway.

The Panasonic also has SD FLASH and USB ports on the front, ostensibly for playing MP3s and showing JPGs.

I would love to have a DVD player which can play video files. Problem is, of course, there are so many damn codecs out there that there's no percentage in it: a player would only be able to play a limited selection of videos, depending on how they were encoded, and the average consumer would be frustrated when A.AVI would play, but not B.AVI, C.AVI, or D.AVI--and he would blame the manufacturer.

This isn't an issue with Quicktime, of course, but Quicktime has its own irritations--and I have never downloaded any anime in .MOV format anyway. And, let's face it, downloaded anime is the entire reason I would like this feature. I would have to re-encode it into QT from whatever format, and if I'm doing that, I might as well just author a DVD on the computer.

* * *

Wow. That's a whole lotta nothing going on.

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