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#1048: A new addition to the blogroll.

The Anchoress.

Highly religious--Catholic--such that an avowed Christian like me won't have any problems reading it even though I'm a Protestant. Those of you who are less enthusiastic about the entire concept of Creator etc may wish to skip it.

Still, this post on modern mating practices echoes a lot of my own opinions on just how badly the "Sexual Revolution" and the 1960's counterculture screwed up our society.

She also makes some excellent spiritual points here and there and everywhere, honestly thought-provoking stuff.


* * *

Besides which, I finally got a freaking clue.

I have been trying to remember to subscribe to Knights of the Dinner Table for I can't even recall how long--more than 18 months, certainly--and only today did it hit me.

Brian Dunbar has periodically prompted me to go look at Heavy Ink for manga needs (usually when I am complaining about something that's not out yet).

I got to wondering about going to Kenzer's web site and subscribing on-line, and then somehow a couple of neurons shorted together: "Wait, what about that one web site?"

The result. all I have to do now is figure out how I want to handle this--do I want to buy a bunch of individual issues and subscribe, or just subscribe?

Either way I have to wait until after next payday, because I dropped over $600 on bills yesterday and my checking account is gasping for mercy. *sigh* Still: CTRL-D.

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