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#1050: Latest discovery: tides cause the moon.

Why, oh why, hasn't Antarctica warmed as much as the rest of the globe? Why doesn't its warming match the computer models?

There is an answer in this article:
One reason that Antarctica hasn't warmed as much as other parts of the globe is the existence of the ozone hole overhead: It alters wind patterns, creating a swirling belt of winds around the landmass that keeps comparatively warm air from seeping in, preserving the continent's frigid temperatures.
Now, all along I thought that the ozone hole was caused by the south polar vortex, a seasonal phenomenon which allows the ozone layer over the south pole to deplete to 1/3 its normal strength.

But that long-standing theory--which has not been contested since the ozone "hole" was discovered in 1956--is apparently wrong. No, the ozone hole causes the south polar vortex.

That's right: the thinning of one layer of the atmosphere is enough to shift winds, altering climate! Earth is doomed!

It can't be that the climate models are wrong, oh no! If the models say that there's supposed to be 1.4°F of warming, and you only observe 0.4°F of actual warming, there has to be a reason reality doesn't match the computer! THERE HAS TO BE! The models show us what will happen if we don't let Al Gore et al tell us how to live!

"The gap between prediction and reality seemed to be caused by the models overestimating the amount of water vapor in the Antarctic atmosphere." What? What are they talking about, "water vapor"? It's the carbon dioxide! It's all the man-made carbon dioxide! What difference does the water vapor make? How can the model be wrong?

The article says that if Antarctica warms just enough it can prevent sea-level rise, but if it warms "too much" the ice sheet will melt (and what, we'll all die?).

Now, in fact, I would wager that the recorded temperature increases at the south pole are more in line with the real temperature changes of the globe. Particularly since it was recently revealed that NASA has added about 0.27°C to the temperature anomaly through sheer data fiddling.

What a load.

* * *

No one knows what it's for. It's a building shaped like Noah's Ark.

Did anyone think to ask Planned Parenthood? Maybe it's another one of their "stealth" clinics.

* * *

A soldier deals with post-traumatic stress.*

* * *

Peaceful man released from Guantanimo Bay carries out a suicide attack. How on earth could this be? The people we are illegally detaining in Gitmo don't deserve to be there!

*cough* *choke*

Okay, I can't keep that up.

* * *

Somehow, yesterday, I got a rather stealthy case of gut malf.

Ordinarily, it's pretty obvious when you've got a 24-hour bug, for reasons which I need not explain here. But this time, I just felt rotten and had to make the occasional visit to the bathroom which wasn't all that different from normal.

This morning it seemed to finally finish off and I've felt much better since then.

Anyway, so I decided I'd check something I've wanted to check for a while, and it was something I could do even while my gut was misbehaving. I could lay in bed and see if my laptop will reliably play the anime files I keep downloading. So I dumped five eps of the currently-running series to my 10 GB FLASH drive, then booted up the laptop.

First I had to download the K-Like Codec Pack and install it.

Windows Media Player wouldn't play the video files. It tried going to its codec server--as usual--and failed to find anything, and substituted a WinAmp-style renderer thingy for the video track while it played the audio. Hence, the K-lite pack and Media Player Classic.

BTW I swear by that thing. It's awesome and it's freeware, and I very seldom download anything that it cannot play.

Anyway, so I had to screw around and screw around with Internet Explorer in order to get the thing to download anything (jerks) but finally got it to behave. Once K-Lite was installed, I was able to watch the videos.

I was able to watch them directly from the FLASH drive even though my laptop's USB is 1.1, not the much-faster USB 2.0.

Still, I dislike having that dongle hanging off the back of the laptop, so I copied the files to the hard drive and then disconnected it. (That took 15 minutes--five files averaging 170 MB each.) And then I re-started the player and watched anime on the laptop.

Not a problem. Awesome. now all I figure I need to do is find a DVD drive which will fit in the optical drive bay of this laptop.

And even so, I can fit three or four anime files on a CD--so the next time I have to take Mom to the doctor, knowing I have to wait over an hour, I can take the LT, a 12v inverter to plug it into, and a CD or two of anime. Heh.

* * *

* By visiting it on others.

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