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#1051: The sunspot is gone.

#993, we hardly knew ye. Another false start to sunspot cycle #24.

The sun is toying with us.

* * *

Meanwhile, victims of government indoctrination send hate mail to the Heartland Institute over its stand against anthropogenic global warming. These poor kids now have a -5 modifier against their "think for yourself" skill check, thanks to some witless "teacher" who thinks her opinions are natural law.

Well, they're sixth graders, so they at least have a chance to learn how to think for themselves. When they have to wear parkas to their senior prom because the projected high temperature for their 18th year is 45 degrees (I am exaggerating a bit...I hope) perhaps they will realize that their sixth grade teacher was a moron.

Sadly, half of them will cheer because "We beat global warming!" *sigh*

* * *

I don't know if this Code Pink protest of the Marine recruiting station in the Socialist State of Berkeley is actually "witchcraft", but it sure is moronic. They're going to have "witches, clowns, and sirens" day.

"Clowns"? How is that different from any other day they protest? Oh, I think I know--they'll trowel on a different shade of makeup so that they look like clowns, instead of merely acting like them.

...Sorry. I can't take "Code Pink" seriously, for several reasons. For one thing, "pinko" still means "communist sympathizer" to me, and the allusion is not at all surprising considering that these lunatics think Nancy Pelosi is too conservative. Jesus. And besides, I sincerely doubt there are many, if any, members of their group who are attractive enough--or can sing well enough--to qualify as "sirens". (In the mythological sense. See The Odyssey. If they mean "loud mechanical alert mechanism", never mind.)

So really that only leaves "witches", and--again--I'm wondering how that's different from any other day they protest. Oh well.

* * *

8 AM Friday morning. In 12 hours I have to wake up to go to work. I'm already feeling sleepy enough even after sleeping for a good 8 hours last night. (More or less, interrupted by brief periods of wakefulness.)

I had an awesome dream--which continued past the times when I woke up--that I was living in a neat RPG setting. It was set in a world about 200-300 years after a big apocalypse, and before the apocalypse the civilization had had some really high tech stuff going for it. So it was kind of like Gamma World only without all the mutations, and there were some neat things going on.

The story, sadly, is locked within my subconscious, and I can only remember vague details, but I think the dream continued because every time I woke up I was disappointed that I didn't get to see what happened next.

Well, having a 24+ hour bug is probably why I slept so much and yet still feel sleepy--the gut feels much better today but I guess I still need to rest.

I've been putting off finishing and posting this entry because I'm waiting for Boortz to update his freaking "Nealz Nuze" page. They finally put Friday's page up and it's got nearly nothing in it, which tells me that it's not done yet. *sigh*

* * *

Clannad has finally gotten past the "Now Cry" story arc. There was much rejoicing.

Actually, I didn't think it was that bad, though they did lay it on thick in the last episode of that arc. Fortunately the series is capable of injecting a lot of fun stuff into the middle of the angst, and now they're on to another more cheerful story (I think) so here's hoping.

Chocotto Sister has also finally finished with the guy's unrequited love for the woman who runs the flower shop. Now hopefully he'll glom onto the extra-hot Chitose, the woman who runs the apartment house and who has big breasts. I love Chitose.

What I don't like is the "KEEP OUT" construction tape censorship that is plastered all over the screen whenever there are naughty bits on display--at least Chitose's. Damn it. (I don't care when it's Choco. Just Chitose. She's HAWTT.)

But the series is entertaining and fun, and it's not entirely devoid of fan service. The writing and art are both good. Choco in particular is a pretty realistic representation (IMHO) of a young girl. I only have to wonder why she's not in school? Maybe it would complicate matters too much....

Hayate no Gotoku continues to be really good, too.

* * *

I burned through all the manga I bought Monday in less than 24 hours. Volume 5 of Someday's Dreamers turned out to be the last. Suzuka is up to volume 7, and it's still pretty decent. In volume 3 of Strawberry 100%, Manaka has gotten into high school (finally) and Satsuki-chan has been introduced (yay!). As I expected when watching the anime, the story was really chopped to shreds to make it fit in 24 episodes.

Strawberry Marshmallow 5 hits the shelves sometime in June. That'll be fun.

Looking at the stuff I bought, no wonder the feminist-type clerk at the bookstore appeared so disgruntled at me. Of the five items I bought, three were "mature audience" and in shrink wrap. Probably the only way I could have made it worse would have been if I'd also bought Ann Coulter's latest book. Yes, I'm a disgusting male who reads naughty cartoons! I'm not worthy of amicable chitchat, or even, "Hi, did you find everything you need?" No, just glower at me and act like I'm the scum of the earth even though I'm dropping $92 of discretionary income at your store.

You've just got to love those "open-minded" liberal types.

* * *

Interesting post on IMAO about why liberals are right about Fox News. Esp. this quote:
Now, there are flat-earthers who will deny that the media is liberal despite all the surveys of journalists' political leanings. I've never quite understood why its death to these people to admit liberal bias because that doesn't imply liberalism is wrong. Maybe they just really want to believe their fringe beliefs (and liberals in America have always been a small minority and always smaller than conservatives) are mainstream.

And I like this post. Hehehheheheheheh.

* * *

OMG, the Star Wars Holiday Special.

The pain! OMG it hurts! Make it stop!

...and I'm only on the opening credits.

Wow, it's Mark Hamill before he got his face rearranged. Of course, all of the space footage is recycled from the movie.

...Harvey Korman?

I remember watching some kind of Star Wars-themed holiday program when I was about 10, but I only saw it once and I'm pretty sure this isn't it. We'll see, I suppose.

How can you tell Chewbacca's wife is female? The lipstick.


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