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#1053: Geeking out at the BG.

Last night's ep of Battlestar Galactica had Nana Visitor in it.

Nana Visitor, for those of you too young to remember, played Kira Nerys in Deep Space Nine, and was Ultimate Trek Hotness (TM) for that series, with her in-and-out bits nicely accentuated by a skin-tight jumpsuit at almost all times. Drool etc.

Anyway, it took me about 12.5 seconds to figure out it was her. "Hey, that's--!" I exclaimed.

She died. Er, her character died.

The ep also included another appearance of a Cylon basestar "Hybrid", and those things are pretty cool. My hat's off to the actress who portrays the thing because she's got to spout a lot of babble without stumbling. (And fake the occasional orgasm, I think, whenever the FTL is activated. At least, that's what it looks like.)

* * *

I've only just realized that SciFi network does not show all the episodes of Doctor Who in a particular season. It took me a bit to realize that; and mainly I twigged to it because Mom was watching BBC network, and they were running an episode with Rose Tyler which I had never seen. Argh etc. Guess I will have to invest in the DVDs after all.

* * *

Thanks to gut malf and the attendant sleeplessness, I managed to miss two days of work this past week. [many bad words redacted.] I got maybe two hours' worth of sleep Friday afternoon. Naturally I was able to sleep fine Thursday, and Friday night.

Anyway, I had one last bout of bad stuff this morning; and this afternoon I was able to get out and cut the grass. Which is good, because it's supposed to rain Sunday.

I hate my gut.

* * *

I am still undecided on what I'm going to do vis-a-vis the release of Dungeons and Dragons Fourth Edition (D&D 4E). I should buy the Player's Handbook (PHB) and Dungeon Master's Guide (DMG) at the bare minimum. I do have a reputation to uphold, or something. But part of me just can't get into the impending release, because except for one session with my niece in January of 2007, I haven't played any D&D whatsoever. (Neverwinter Nights does not count.)

Am I being Forced Away From It All? Or am I Getting Away From It All? I don't know. But how can I justify spending more than $60 on two books I won't even use unless I get lucky and find a group that wants a new player? Is that FAFIAting or GAFIAting? Can some phans let me know?

There is little element of volition in this--I didn't choose it--so I guess it all winds up depending on whether or not my choice to buy or not to buy (that is the question) is what makes the difference? If I hurl my barbaric yawp (+2 to friendly will saves) at the sky, and buy the books even knowing that I'll hardly even look at them, is that evidence that I will not go gently into that, good knight? And if I choose not to buy the books, does that mean I'm GAFIAting?

The life of a Fan is hard.

It's even worse when I consider how little I get in return for my fannish tendencies. I mean, I don't get girls--that's part and parcel of this--but these days I don't even get to play D&D or go to geek movies. I mean, how can it possibly be acceptable for me to miss seeing Iron Man or Speed Racer on their opening weekends?

I don't even have the company of other Fans, here. This blows chunks.

* * *

A not-bad webcomic: Between Failures. There's something like 290 strips and the artist has covered one day in the lives of his characters. Jesus. But it's kind of fun.

* * *

I'm kind of amazed that I still haven't felt the need to write any fiction. It's been months. Nothing that I've thought of has really grabbed my attention. I'm still pondering my various ideas but nothing has come of that, yet.

Still, it's not like I have a deadline or anything. I'm just going to let everything percolate until it feels like coming out. Trying to rush stories just ruins the ideas.

* * *

I just realized that I never uploaded Methuselah and made it available for download.

So, here:

Methuselah, just right-click and "save target as".

As before, I don't really expect this to be an issue, but if you can't download the file, just wait about an hour or so and try again. I don't have a huge amount of bandwidth available; I'm limited to a couple of megabytes per hour.

I uploaded Singularity and made it available on Jan 18, 2008. It only took me four more months to get this one up. *sigh*

Anyway, enjoy, if you like. Comments are always welcome.

If I could write right now, I'd get Microcosm into some kind of shape and start posting bits of it, or something. It's another story which is basically a "throwaway" for me--not good enough (IMHO) to ask someone to pay for, but interesting enough to me to spend effort on writing--but unfortunately what I have is a vague outline and a few pages of text, and that's all that will come.

I still also want to work on the story about putting a space elevator over the Philippines, but--again--I just can't get interested in it right now. Of course, the Philippines have a special dark place in my heart, and have since, oh, August--you know how it is: when you take the emotional equivalent of a Claymore mine in the shorts....

But it's a good story, dang it...or would be if I could write it. Which I can't. Because I'm not in output mode right now, or something. Argh etc.

I haven't been drawing anything, either. Same reason: just can't get interested in it.

I'm probably depressed, and too stupid to realize it; that's exactly how things work around here. It's not like I have anything to be depressed about, right?? ""/

""/ is the "hand of sarcasm" emoticon, by the way. It indicates that I am speaking in the ironic or sarcastic mode. Sometimes I use "both hands of sarcasm": ""/ \"" ...just to make the point.

* * *

I guess the only thing I can do for now is to try to get some sleep. It's been a long day--I've been up since 5 AM, when I was finally slept out--and mowing the grass is exercise even with a self-propelled mower--we've got a vacant lot to the east of the house, the "East 40", and so the entire plot is about half an acre, minus whatever area is occupied by house and driveway and landscaping (trees, bushes, etc). It's a lot of ground to cover.

* * *

Here in Crete gasoline is $3.85 per gallon. A bit north of here I saw it at $4. So it's creeping up, and I'm betting it'll be at $4 per gallon here in Crete before Memorial Day.

Time to get the Escort street-legal, I guess. *sigh*

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