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#1056: Clostridium Difficile...maybe.

I went to see the doctor today re: gut malf that has persisted for more than a week. Doctor ordered tests and a course of cipro. Whee!

The lab got blood and urine from me today, but they'll have to wait for the stool samples, which are going to check for parasite and clostridium difficile. I have an acquaintence with C. Diff, from when I was working at the nursing home in Cedar Rapids. C. Diff is one of the antibiotic-resistant bacteria, so if it's that, I expect to spend a couple hundred dollars on antibiotics over the next couple months. *sigh*

And scheduled a consult for colonoscopy. In the next couple of weeks I expect things will be "interesting", in the sense of the old Chinese curse, "May you live in interesting times". Thanks.

But I had to go, not just because my gut's misbehaving; I had to leave work early last night due to cramping and repeated trips to the bathroom. Granted, I toughed it out until 5 and left only an hour early, but it was still early due to illness, and it really, really made me angry and frustrated.

* * *

I found this "Engrish" description of a Wedding Peach episode:
Shizuka, a training friend of Momoko, is fallen in love immortal in Yousuke and asks calculated Momoko to deliver it a dear letter. Both run lived how in dispute, and Jamapi that Amen wants to prove its malignancy, uses this opportunity in order to occupy Yousuke. There Momoko's waves the power dear however larger have than a Jamapis hate, is rescued it weak and Yousuke therefore. Amen, except itself before fury over Jamapi's failure to kill tried this. Momoko throws itself it into the way, almost will be however in spite of the transformation in Wedding Peach victim. First the intervention of Lily and Daisy strikes amen first of all into the flight.
I can't even tell what the hell they are trying to say and I've seen the episode. Jesus. (Link for those who want to read more.) The hell of it is, there are no typos, which leads me to think it's a BabelFish translation. A bad one. Obviously.

And pretty f-ing funny, too.

* * *

Da Capo succeeded in planting a brain worm in my head: the idea of a meat volcano.

There's a scene where Yuriko (the nekomimi maid) makes this thing that superficially resembles meatloaf, except that it glows like magma, and what's-his-name calls it a "meat volcano", which is made of awesome.

Hayate no Gotoku gave me a new sig line: "Next time, I'll bring a stronger hamster!" I just about busted every already-aching gut God gave me at that sequence.

* * *

"I wanna know why I can't get into my prom."

Here's why:

That is not a dress. That is a bikini. That's why.

"She said I'm still not getting in because I didn't have any undergarments on."

Because you're wearing a freaking swim suit, not a dress.

I created a new image directory specifically to contain this image and future images like it. The name of that directory is "idiots".

This girl is, what, 18? And she's got a tattoo. Jesus Christ.

You know what? I don't have any sympathy for this moron. None. "Zip, zero, nada," as Limbaugh says. Not even a little bit.

The dress code for the prom was communicated to students well in advance of the event, so I fail to see how this tower of fail can complain about how "They didn't give me any options but to go to jail or to go home."

Oh. Oh, see, here I thought it was your fault for ignoring the dress code and trying to wear a bikini to a formal event. I guess I'm the asshole, here.

* * *

NASA doing what it does best: Wasting money and time. Always remember that NASA is a government agency first, and being a space exploration agency is not second.
...the agency is admitting that all the years it has invested in the shuttle and space station, along with the $250 billion they cost, have been a monumental mistake. And so now it is time to put all that behind us and move on to the next adventure.

It is the same old NASA game of spending as much money as possible as quickly as possible. So when things go wrong with the new plan, when the new Ares 1 launcher vibrates like a tuning fork, as now seems to be the case, you can't turn back because there are too many jobs in too many congressional districts depending on it.
Yeah. So the new booster will be worse than the Shuttle for safety, reliability, etc. (Sing along: "Can't we just bring back the Saturn V?")

* * *

In the medical lab, I wasn't the only person being stuck. A little girl (perhaps 5) was getting blood drawn, too. The phlebotomist told her she had "nice, juicy veins" which led me to revisit my theory that phlebotomists are closet vampires.

The poor girl was a very good girl, though, and sat still while she was jabbed with a big scary needle, though she cried and looked terrified. The tech took six freaking vials of blood. That little thing didn't look like she could possibly have (or need) that much blood.

Anyway, I happened to be in the elevator with the girl and her family, and an older black couple, on the way out, and I said, "Hey, no fair! She got a Garfield bandage! All I got was this plain one!" Everyone got a chuckle from that. The girl's mother said, "They took six vials of blood from her. How many did they take from you?" I admitted it was only two, and the woman explained that's why the girl got a special bandage. I agreed that was fair.

* * *

It was going to take about half an hour for the pharmacy at Walgreen's to fill my prescription, so I bought a can of tea and a $1 tub of sour gummy worms and repaired to my vehicle to read a bit while I waited. I only ate a couple gummy worms because I had only had a peanut butter sandwich since awakening at 11:30 for my 12:15 appointment, but now--having had a decent meal--I find myself eating a bunch of the things because they are addictive.

The tea is Arizona green tea with apple juice. I liked their green tea with plum juice; that was really good--but that product's light appears to have gone out of the universe. The apple juice is a poor substitute. But at $1 for a "tall boy" can of the stuff, I guess it's not so bad. It's caffiene, it's cold, and it's sweet, so to heck with it.

The doc told me to "continue with clear fluids" but I haven't been doing clear fluids, except to remain hydrated, so I had a beef sandwich for lunch when I got home from my errands. (No/low residue input means no output, and I want to get the stool sampling out of the way as quickly as freaking possible, damn it. Messing around with bodily wastes is not my idea of a good time.)

* * *

Finally, this spam just won the Internats:

Yes, I know it's because of obviously non-Roman character encoding. It's still massively f-ed up.

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