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#1062: Three more sunspots.

Does the fact that there are three of them at once--#994-996--mean that they're less likely to fade out? Has cycle #24 finally begun?

"No", says; these are "old cycle #23 sunspots" and links to this Science@NASA page on it.

...wait, cycle #23 hasn't ended yet? I'm starting to get really confused, here. What does it mean if #23 isn't even over? And that article is nearly two months old.

* * *

The other day I realized that "WTF" backwards (acronym for "What The F---") is FTW ("For The Win"). I bask in your awe.

* * *

Today the Anchoress has some links and commentary about the big Bush/Barak Hussein Obama dust-up regarding the appeasement of terrorists.

This post points out an interesting fact, something that had not occurred to me: Bush mentions the events which began World War II, and Barak Hussein Obama (and the rest of the press/Democrat-industrial complex) jumps up and yells, "I resemble that remark!"

* * *

Gay activist cop accused of molesting child.

The officer in question "...formerly headed the 'Gay Officers Action League' and led the organization in 'gay' pride parades." And he is quoted as saying he is ", very gay."

But there's no connection between homosexuality and pedophilia. Oh, no. Even though something like 50% of the pedophile crimes are committed by homosexuals, who comprise roughly 5% of the population. Yeah.

A friend of mine, who studied classical languages, told me about an ancient Greek poem called "They Have Hairs". In the poem, the poet lamented the fact that by the time boys were old enough to be sexually responsive to him, they had grown body hair.

So it's not exactly a new phenomenon.

* * *

It's Saturday morning right now, a bit before 9:30, and the local little league franchise has several games going on at the elementary school field.

Making kids play baseball early on Saturday morning--that's practically child abuse.

* * *

Otherwise, very little in the blogroll or news sites has piqued my interest. (Or annoyed me enough to make me comment, anyway.)

Last night I made a list of parts and materials I'll need to put an Escort drivetrain into a Fiero. I'm starting to have second thoughts about the shift adaptor, though--I'm not sure how I'll actually attach the Fiero shift cables to the Escort transmission's shift rod. It can be done; I'm just not sure how, exactly. (Yet.)

I have two ideas in my mind for how to do it. The first involves adapting a Fiero transmission shift mechanism--if possible--to the Ford transmission's shift rod. The second (if the first idea simply won't work) involves running the cables to a plate, mounted on either the transmission or the engine crade, with levers which will then move a shaft connected to the shift rod. Either way I'm going to have to do some engineering to make it work correctly. *sigh* Well, no one said it would be easy.

Making the gearshift work correctly will be the single hardest part of this swap. The wiring will be tedious, but not difficult. The VSS-to-speedometer signal processor will take some design and testing, but also won't be difficult.

Everything else is pretty much just an application of effort.

* * *

Really, that's just about all I've got for now. I don't know what else to discuss, and I only got on-line because I had to eat something, and I didn't feel like eating standing up in the kitchen.

Besides that, after several days of steadily-improving gut health, I've been in the bathroom twice this morning since waking up. Already. *sigh* Well, last night I forgot the doc's admonition against "no dairy" and had a bowl of Raisin Bran with milk. That's probably why.

I Googled "clostridium difficile" and now understand why the doc is testing for/ruling out that organism: I'm right there with the symptoms, even to having had antibiotics relatively recently. (It can flare up "months" later; I had antibiotics in August. Strong ones.)

I still don't understand why I have to avoid dairy products, but I'm going to try to do a better job of avoiding them until he says it's okay. (And of course it could just be a coincidence: I did, after all, eat a huge bowl of fiber.)

Still, the gut feels a lot closer to normal (my "normal", anyway) than it has for several weeks, which is--overall--a good thing.

But the cipro can make one oversensitive to sunlight, so I've been staying indoors, and there's the "tendon rupture" side-effect I mentioned in a prior entry, so I can't do anything physical.


* * *

On the plus side, yesterday I got the Escort street-legal again--and after driving the Jeep a lot, that car feels like a sports car (at least the way it handles).

I want to do a few cosmetic things to the car. Also, I'm considering finding a set of the 14" steel wheels they put on those cars and substituting them for the aluminum rims, because rim leaks are making the tires go flat too quickly for my taste.

Maybe I'll just have the tires removed from the spare set of aluminum rims, clean those up, and then have the tires on the car put on those rims...and then sell the other set.

But driving an Escort again convinces me that putting an Escort drivetrain into a Fiero will yield a car that's fun to drive...assuming I can make it all work.

* * *

Both Doctor Who and Battlestar Galactica last night were "to be two weeks! Suck it, douchebags!"

...because next weekend is Memorial Day weekend and I guess SciFi expects its nerdozoid audience to be out doing stuff. Boy, they sure don't understand their target demographic, do they?

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