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#1066: Good luck, Mr. Kennedy.

I don't make a secret out of the fact that I don't like Teddy Kennedy or his politics one whit. But when it comes to a potentially life-threatening condition I put that aside: I don't want him dead just because he doesn't agree with me; I've got more class than that. He's a drunk, he's a womanizer, he's never had to answer for the death of Mary Jo Kopechne, and his politics tend to be left of Stalin, but he's a human being. So, here's hoping Mr. Kennedy is around to annoy me for many more years.

* * *

Starship Troopers and a bunch of anime series won't be science fiction for much longer. Eventually they could be used for construction and rescue, not just military applications. Somewhere, Heinlein is grinning.

* * *

A blogger demonstrates the difference between our world and the world occupied by the ACLU. I wonder what color the sky is in their world?

* * *

Emercency services take four hours to find a wreck after seven calls to 911.

This is a tragedy.

...and yet we are supposed to rely on 911 for our safety? If someone is breaking into your house, you're not supposed to defend yourself with a handgun (Lord no!) but dial 911 and hope the cops show up before you've been shot to death.

The problem here is that, as far as I know, a call to 911 doesn't oblige anyone to save you. It's certainly the case when it comes to crime; the police are not obliged to protect you. (One of the main reasons is that anyone who suffered a loss from a crime could then sue the police for failing to protect him, regardless of circumstances.) So if you call 911 while you're being robbed, and the robber shoots you dead before the police get there, your surviving relatives can't sue the police for having such poor response time because the police aren't responsible for your safety.

So, should the 911 center have done a better job? Hell yes. Should the people involved sue them for doing such a poor job? Hell yes--and in a trial by jury they should be able to get a verdict in their favor, too. But, technically, is the 911 center actually responsible for the safety of the people who call? I'm not sure.

This particular event is a tragedy and it underscores the fact that government is incapable of protecting everyone from harm--yet its most vocal proponents insist that individual citizens rely on government rather than themselves.

* * *

Here's another story about "transgendered" children. And once again I have to say this: kids that age have no business worrying about "gender idendity". In this case we're talking about kids as young as seven years old.

Seven? Seven? How does a 7-year-old decide he should have been born a girl?

People who try to argue that this sort of behavior is "innate" have yet to prove that abnormal sexual behavior is genetic. The results of the supposed "gay gene" research, for example, have never been replicated any anyone; the original study was performed by two homosexuals who had a stake in a positive outcome of their study--but no "gay gene" has been found and the work of the original researchers has been discredited as faulty.

This article features a quote from Dr. Irene Sills, a physician and Senior Professor of Pediatrics at the State University of New York. It says, "[She] has treated 15 transgender children in the last 6 years, and considers the condition innate as a result of her study."

Fifteen? Fifteen cases over six years is a "study"? Anyone who really understands statistics would have a field day with that shit. Fifteen? 15 cases isn't even the beginnings of a minor start in a proper study to make such a broad assertion about human behavior.

What the fuck does a 7-year-old know about anything? This is horseshit.

* * *

Yesterday I discovered that if you put Betty Crocker milk chocolate frosting on a Twinkie, you have made something good.

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