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#1070: taking over!

Maxine Waters threatens to socialize oil industry. Of course she can't do it by herself, but it's an interesting insight, no?

Gadzooks, what a disaster that would be.

Speaking of socialism, if you live in Cook County, Illinois, you pay $0.792 per gallon of gas in pure taxes.

So that $4.299 gasoline I saw Thursday would only cost $3.507 per gallon if it weren't for the taxes.

The oil company makes a profit of about $0.10 per gallon sold. Government gets almost eight times that. Who, exactly, is getting the windfall, here?

I realize I shouldn't, but speaking for Illinois, here, let me say that Durbin lives up to his diminutive and leave it at that.

* * *

In light of Ted Kennedy's life-threatening illness, we are reminded how "liberals" react when a conservative gets sick or dies.

* * *

Solar minimum news makes it into a newspaper. Finally. But it's not a major outlet. If we have a cooler-than-average summer, maybe then they'll notice.

Yesterday, watching the weather on the news, I realized that the weatherman didn't call attention to the fact that the record high for the day was set in 1925 and the record low in 2006. The temperatures were, respectively, 94° and 36°.

Having watched this guy before, though, I've noticed that when the situation is reversed--when the high temperature record is recent--he points it out.

The "normal" temperature for this time of year is somewhere in the low 70s. We're averaging ten degrees cooler than that, primarily because our weather patterns over the past few weeks have had the wind coming from the northeast--off the lake. That always cools things off. If the wind was from the south, it'd be warmer.

* * *

It's Friday; I work tonight. Then I don't work until Wednesday. I can live with that.

I'm done with Clannad, except for the movie. It wasn't too bad. I've got one ep left of each of Oh! My Goddess! season 2 and Chocotto Sister, and Da Capo will be over pretty quickly, too, leaving only Hayate no Gotoku on my playlist. But I've got more Da Capo than just the first season, and there's other stuff I can watch. I just have to figure out what, and get the rest of Hayate no Gotoku re-loaded from the backup.

And I've got to set the VCR to record my stories.

And go to bed. Later!

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