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#1074: Indyblogging

Indianapolis 500 #92: part three of the Danica Patrick show!

The pre-race show on channel 7 devoted more time to Danica! Patrick! than any three other drivers. ABC still hasn't gotten over the fact that there's a woman driving in the race who looks good in a bikini.

Meanwhile they spent no time at all whatsoever talking about the other two women who are in the race.

It would have been interesting if D!P! had qualified somewhere near row 8 instead of row 2. Hell, I'm just glad she doesn't have the pole, because then they might as well rename the whole freaking thing the Danica! Patrick! 500 for Christ's sake.

I don't buy the arguments that the sports media concentrate on her because she's a woman who can actually win, either. She's started in 50 races and won one. To me, it looks like D!P! has the benefit of really good PR people.

And speaking of PR, I just felt sorry for Marco Andretti. When they were introducing the drivers, that poor bastard was wearing this stupid Indiana Jones getup. I wonder what asshole had that idea:

PR dork: "Hey, I know what we'll do! We'll have that driver guy wear an Indy costume at the Indy 500! Think of the tie-in!"
PR dork's yes-man: "It's like we're printing money!"

WTF, way to make someone prostitute himself for sponsorship, assholes.

And no, it didn't look cool. It just looked stupid--"blithering idiot" stupid--and you could tell by the guy's body language that it was not his idea and that he fricking hated it. I'm convinced that we could fire all the PR people into space and be no poorer for it.


...and I just saw an ad for a new TV show on ABC called Wipeout. You know what it is? It's MXC from Spike TV, that's what it is, only it's not a badly-dubbed Japanese game show: it's made in the USA with Americans.

I suppose I should say instead that it is obviously based on the concept behind MXC--which itself originally was a show called Takeshi's Castle. The idea is that ordinary people have to face physical challenges and beat them in order to win some prize. MXC is hilarious, and intentionally so: the "eliminations"--the people who fail--are meant to be laughed at. That's why they fall into muddy water; that's why the challenges themselves are so ignominious. I don't see that happening with this American version, and so the humor value will be lost.

And the WTF moment is that some producer thought, "Hey, we can do that!" *sigh* And people wonder why I don't watch much TV.

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