atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#1075: Danica! Patrick! throws temper tantrum

...and the announcers excused it: "Oh, she's a firebrand! That's because she's so determined!"

No; she got pissed off and threw a temper tantrum because someone bumped her car, knocking her out of the race. She's not the first person this has happened to; plenty of other drivers have been knocked out of the race because of other people and they didn't go marching down Pit Row, and have to be escorted over the wall by the Speedway security people.

Danica! Patrick! got mad because of an unfortunate incident. She got bumped by another car coming out of the pits, which broke an A-arm in her rear suspension. That knocked her out of the race, and it means she won't finish her fourth Indy 500.

Yes, drivers get hot-tempered when things like this happen. But it's never excusable; not even when it's D!P!

You know, if you can't handle the tough breaks, don't fucking race. You're not always going to get to finish, and sometimes you're going to lose the race for stupid fucking reasons, such as having someone's rear end kick out and bust your rear suspension.

The coverage of this race has lingered on D!P! as much as it could. They even have a picture of her car in the freaking splash screen for the commercial bumps.

Then there's the "" commercial featuring the little girl who wants to "be like Danica! Patrick!" (And the girl's voice even sounds like she's adding the same emphasis.) They show her racing go-karts, and the little girl bumps some poor kid off the track, and goes on to win. She gets a big silver cup and gets her picture taken with D!P! It's a triumph for women!

...except that little girl cheated by knocking the other kid off the track. I don't know; maybe that's kosher in go-kart racing and it's perfectly legal to knock your opponents off the track during the race if it makes it easier for you to win.

I'll bet that the coverage of the race will mention D!P!'s ignominious exit from competition, but not the temper tantrum; or if they do mention the tantrum, it'll be spun the same way the announcers of this foo-raw did: "Oh, it's because she's so determined!"

What freaking horseshit.

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