atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#1076: Music for Clannad

Some jolly soul in Japan uploaded a torrent of all the music for Clannad. I mean, all of it, because it's over four freaking gigabytes.

There is some good music in Clannad, so I'm grabbing it. I am not, however, grabbing it in order to get the "Big Dango Family" song.

* * *

I am really glad I don't work Monday, let me tell you, because after yesterday I am still a mass of aches and pains. Tomorrow I must get the front grass cut, though.

This week I'm scheduled to work Wednesday. That's it. Next week, I'm scheduled to work Friday. But a week from Wednesday May 28th will be the day I prep for my colonoscopy. That'll be Wednesday the 4th into Thursday the 5th, and I'll be spending lots of time in the bathroom.

I'm going to do my utmost to get more stuff done outside during this time (except for that Wed. and Thu, when I won't be able to) and perhaps even get a start on mounting the Escort engine on the Fiero cradle. I just need to fabricate and tack together engine mounts; then I can take them to the welding shop for the finish welding. If I could bolt the engine to the cradle, and get the cradle test-fitted into the car before my colonoscopy, that would be made of awesome.

Hopefully getting "the shaft" will be the worst thing I have to deal with.

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