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#1077: Early Memorial Day news and comments and stuff

Starting with this addition to THE LIST: Courtesy of Liberal and Proud Ellen Ratner:

38) George W. Bush claims "executive privelege" because he's hiding all kinds of crimes and atrocities like the torture of prisoners of war.

39) Bill Clinton was justified in claiming "executive privelege" because the evil Republicans were trying to impeach him.

* * *

Vox Day analyzes Hillary's unwillingness to concede the nomination. An interesting take. The problem is that there isn't a clear winner, not as there usually is; Democrats are divided and neither of them has managed to put the other away. It's almost freaking June already. Obama has the edge but not a decisive one, and as Vox Day points out Hillary isn't likely just to concede the thing unless it's made painfully obvious that she's lost.

* * *

No, you are not "allergic" to WiFi. It's impossible for a person to be allergic to radio waves. What you are is a delusional pathetic attention whore.

You know what I want to do? I want to put these people in an RFI cage so they're completely cut off from any radio frequencies. Then I'll hook up a light (outside the cage but visible inside) to a momentary contact switch, and tell them, "Okay, when the light is on, raise your hand if you feel any reaction." Inside the cage will be a WiFi router with all its activity lights masked off so they can't see whether it's on or off. I'll set up a video camera so that it can see whether the router is on or off, and what their reactions are.

Then, at random, I'll switch the router on and off, and hit the light button every 10 seconds or so. Once I have a significantly large sample, I will show the morons the videotape: "You see? You didn't even know when the router was on and you were sitting right under the freaking thing. You're an idiot. Go home and shut up."

Because I know what would happen: approximately half the time, the idiot would be wrong about the state of the router. Either he'd raise his hand when it was off, or fail to raise his hand when it was on, and exactly which it was would be the result of random chance. End result, I would conclusively prove that his "allergy" to WiFi was just him being a pussy with some kind of psychosomatic disorder: "Oh, that guy's using a laptop! I'm having chest pains!"

Study after study has been done on the biological effects of radio waves--high frequency, low frequency, medium frequency--and time and again it's been shown that absent any heating effects (such as those you get from microwaves) RF has no effect on organisms whatsoever.

That thing about the bees being fucked up by cell phones? It turned out to be because of a fungus. Not cell phone radiation; a fungus. The bees got mold, for Christ's sake; is it any wonder they died?

I am so sick of stupid people.

* * *

Man, over on Ars Technica they still have Skeletor doing the "Webb Alert" thing. She looks better than she did the first time I commented on it, but those cheekbones could probably be detected with a good Forward mass detector. Jesus.

And Intel's new Mini-ITX motherboard sounds like it'd be a natural for an in-car computer, if that's your bag.

* * *

I've seen that A&E has produced a remake of Crichton's Andromeda Strain. The commercial I saw for it made it look like it's going to be overwrought, though. I don't know if it'll work as well in an ultramodern high-tech setting.

Not that the original movie was all that great. The book, as always, was better. But I'm kind of dreading the re-make. (Even worse, it's a mini-series.)

I read his book Timeline when it came out; my enthusiasm for the movie lasted until I saw some reviews of it, and I didn't bother to see the movie. *sigh* I've reread Airframe several times and really liked it, but it wouldn't make much of a movie.

But I'd love to have 1% of Crichton's success as a writer. Man. All those best-sellers, all those movies--Jesus. Just 1%--o Lord. (Heck, 1% of the success of Jurassic Park alone would be too much for me. I'd probably end up in rehab in about twenty minutes. "I can't stop buying cars and tools and anime! I've got a serious problem!") Unfortunately for me, I'm not in Crichton's class. I'm not even close. Oh well. (Maybe if I had a good editor....)

IMHO the best movie based on one of his works has to be The Thirteenth Warrior.

* * *

For some dumb reason I've had a hankering to watch Azumanga Daioh yet again.

The other day I was explaining the "Osaka gets the hiccoughs" story and it made me want to watch it. For crying out loud--I've seen it so many times I practially know the dialogue by heart in Japanese.

With the Japanese entertainment world's new emphasis on making live-action versions of anime series, why don't they do AD? It should be pretty easy to manage since it's almost all "real world" stuff--except for the scenes with Chiyo's father, that is, and they could manage something--and it'd be hilarious.

I also keep meaning to try to find the various O.L. Shinkaron books somewhere. They're really entertaining.

* * *

I've seen a couple of Pearls Before Swine strips now which show a heavy Charles Schultz influence.

In this case, the expression on Rat's face in the third panel is straight out of the Peanuts playbook. I don't know how many times I've seen that exact expression on Charlie Brown's face. (Or Linus', or the others', faces.)

But it's hilarious if used right, and that's why it keeps showing up. It works.

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