atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#107: It Runs!

Today, using a $7 remote starter switch from Harbor Freight, I started the red Escort. It started easily and ran well enough for me to take it for a drive around the block.

It seems to run on three cylinders; the engine doesn't run right and lacks power. The brake warning light comes on when the clutch pedal is pressed. To shut the engine off you have to pull the negative battery cable. The battery warning light is always on.

But it started and ran, which indicates to me that the engine is at least salvageable, if not completely usable. And the clutch seemed fine. I never got it higher than third gear so I have no idea if all the forward gears are okay. It could have gone faster, but I didn't care to drive it out on the main road with the gas gauge indicating near-empty, no license plates, and no insurance on that particular car. (I have full coverage on the Fiero, and that should cover me...but you just never know.)

I have no idea what was done to the car, but whoever got his "dick-skinners" on the wiring under the dash ought to be whipped with a car antenna. If the wiring was all good, I could fix the alternator and the engine problem (I am assuming it's an electrical problem, but it may not be) and drive this thing while straightening the bent metal on the green car.

On the other hand, if I did that, it's likely that I'd never get around to doing much work on the green car, so maybe it is all for the best. And besides, what the hell do I expect from a $400 car with a straight, largely rust-free body?

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