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#1084: O Where, O Where is the ACLU?

Oh where, oh where could it be?

If it had been Christians teaching the Bible, the ACLU would have descended on that place like a flock of buzzards on a buffalo carcass. (Since the story took place in Texas I feel justified in using a cowboy-like simile.)

Here we have a case of children in a public school being taught a religion. The ACLU doesn't seem to mind, however, because the religion in question is Islam, not Christianity.

I thought "seperation of church and state" was oh-so-important that we couldn't even have kids say "one nation, under God" in the Pledge of Allegience in schools. Funny how the ACLU looks the other way when it's Islam.

* * *

Thursday morning, while I was doing Receiving at work, I was listening to a compilation of anime songs, and one of them was the opening theme for Lucky Star. I couldn't resist doing the moves, and so if anyone ever happens to look at the security tapes for that date and time, they'll wonder why the hell that geek had a seizure and no one reported it. I guess I should have made a sign that said "I did not just have a seizure" and hold it up for the cameras....

* * *

The recent "tell-all" book by former White House spokesman Scott McClellan was published by a company owned by Perseus Book Group, which in turn is owned by Perseus Funds Group, which is apparently George Soros' company.

So: a book publisher owned by George Soros publishes an anti-Bush book.

Scott McClellan is therefore a Sorostitute.

* * *

A Colorodo sheriff is criticized by bike riders.

The bike riders in question are sanctimonious assholes, the kind of dickwads who think that because they're riding bicycles they can do whatever the freaking hell they want and don't have to obey the traffic laws like cars do.

Well, this sheriff at least is telling people that they do have to obey the law, and failing to obey the law means you can expect to have problems. Good for him!

* * *

Fred writes about how tired he is with stories like the "$640 toilet seat". He nails it, both what is wrong with the story, and reporters who report stories like that. Awesome read.

I find that Fred is dead-on in most cases. He loses it when he starts opining on military matters and Republican administrations. Otherwise, he's okay and his commentary is incisive.

* * *

Yesterday's Nealz Nuze is chock-full of conservative goodness, and it was worth reading.

Representative Edward Markey, a Democrat (big surprise) from the People's Republic of Massachusetts, wants to enact a program where the United States cuts its carbon emissions to 15% of 2005 levels by 2050.

I feel I cannot say this strongly enough:


...without utterly destroying our freaking economy, anyway.

"He says that his bill would generate $8 trillion by auctioning off emissions allowances to polluters." Sure it would. But that $8 trillion would have to come from somewhere, and it would end up driving prices up and supply down.

85% of 2005 levels might be possible, maybe, if we made a serious switch to nuclear power. And that means, by the way, reprocessing spent nuclear fuel and using breeder reactors, two things that the anti-nuclear fucktards don't want, ever.

I think we could seriously cut our carbon emissions if we got serious about using nuclear power; but that won't happen, because the same asshats who now demand that we cut our carbon emissions are the same ones who kept us from building new nuclear plants for the last thirty years.

And all of it's a freaking load of crap, anyway, because if the solar astronomers are even close to right, we're staring down the barrels of another Dalton minimum, which will completely eradicate all the global warming that's occurred since 1800! If they're right, by 2025 we're going to be seeing record cold temperatures, the like of which we haven't seen since the eighteenth century and which will make the "cold scare" of the late 1970s look like a birthday party.

* * *

Here on Pennock's Fiero Forum I posted a reply about the stupid series Master Blasters. It's too good a rant not to duplicate here, de-bowldlerized since LJ doesn't censor bad words:
I saw the ads for "Master Blasters" and thought, "Cool!" Because I used to be heavily into model and high-power rocketry, and thought a show centered on building rockets ought to be fun.

Then I saw an episode of it.

"Cheesy" is putting it nicely. OMG. That show could put the entire state of Wisconsin out of business.

I'm watching it, and okay, so they're slugging up the "challenge" aspect a bit much, but maybe it's going to tone down a bit, and then out of nowhere a freaking marching band shows up, and I finally twig to the fact that this shit is NOT going to get better...

Couple that with an utter lack of actual engineering or building being shown, too many "talk to the camera" shots, and too little actual content.

The worst part is that I--as a guy who was heavily into amateur rockety--could see what they were doing wrong. Their projects had no robustness at all; too many "single point" failure modes were built into the things. This was the "launch a sports car through a goal" episode. (I suppose a Mini is technically a "sports car" since the company is owned by BMW now; I guess it's technically still a "car" even though its entire drivetrain was missing.)

But what the hell was the point of the challenge? NOBODY DOES THIS. Any damn fool can strap a couple of JATO-size solid rocket motors to something and send it hurtling through the sky; and if you have a big enough rocket motor it stops mattering what the projectile ends up being. People who are seriously involved in amateur rocketry, though, don't see if they can make a field goal with a car! They try to set altitude records, they send up instrument packages, they try all kinds of things which are intellectually stimulating and require skill and talent to accomplish.

Sadly, though, none of those things make for interesting TV, so you have a bunch of morons launching stripped-down cars off a steep ramp.

I saw a listing for another episode, though, where the two teams would have to build a rocket capable of reaching "2,000 feet". WTF? I've built a bunch of rockets that could reach 2,000 feet. They were all made of balsa wood and paper, too; it's not that damned hard. 20,000 feet, that is tricky. 2,000? No.

...I guess my post turned into a rant, too. Oh well. It had to be said; that program SUCKED.

And the juvenile wisecrack that I didn't add: "A better title for the show would have been Master Baiters."


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