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#1085: OH YES!!! YES YES YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


A new season of Hidamari Sketch is in the offing, too. Also, a follow-on series to Someday's Dreamers, and a comedie which looks potentially entertaining: Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu, which is about an ojou-sama who's secretly otaku. A new Ikkitousen series for those of us who like unremediated fan service, too.

Telepathy Shoujo Ran I will try, but the synopsis doesn't inspire a lot of confidence.

Antique Bakery is one I will AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE. (Side note: I seriously think that the real reason they call it yaoi is because, well--ever had an anal exam? And that's just a finger. The guys in series like this are butt pirates. Do the math.)

* * *

While we're on the subject, just who the hell does Nancy Pelosi think she is? Lord God King Emperor of the Democrat Party? She's the Speaker of the House, not Dictator-For-Life (thank GOD) yet she's threatening oil companies with nationalization/socialization and telling the Democrat party that they'd better straighten up the primary mess before June. (Which, by the way, is a bit more than 36 hours away from right now.)


* * *

Reportedly, Susan Sarandon plans to leave the US for Italy (or Canada) if John McCain wins in November. Finally I have a reason to vote for John McCain! (Instead of against the Demokrat.)

O how I wish I could believe her. So many commie-lib-celebutards have made the same threat--as if it would even make a difference. Note that these people aren't saying they'll emigrate; just that they'll move and live as expatriates.

But almost every time it's made, it turns out to be an empty threat. None of the morons actually make good on the promise threat.

Johnny Depp--he is the one exception. He lives in France. Of course, it helps that he speaks French. (Does Susan Sarandon speak Italian?) Johnny Depp is a good actor but is otherwise intellectually vapid, and as far as I'm concerned the French can have him...but I do make note of the fact that living in France has not had any deleterious effect on his career whatsoever. All those pirate movies? His official residence is in France, and was while he made them. Geography isn't an impediment when you're a multi-millionaire Hollywood liberal who can afford to charter a Gulfstream V at will (or own one).

Italy (or Canada) can have Susan Sarandon, too. But I bet they'd be screaming for a recount after six months: "What the hell, are you guys sure you elected John McCain? Can't you check? We don't want this bitch!"

...and while I'm on the subject, she's bent out of shape over John McCain? There are few prominent Republicans who are as liberal as he is, and most of those are from the east coast. John McCain is essentially "Demokrat Light", for Christ's sake.

So, Ms. Sarandon, let me join the chorus: "Don't let the door hit you where the Good Lord split you." Leave now before the stormtroopers arrive! Flee in terror! All your base are belong to us!

* * *

THIS is a real hot rod. Not that sissified wuss stuff you see getting the Ridler Award every year. Screw that crap; gimmee a rat rod, damn it: a car that goes like hell, handles like a dream, and looks like ass, but is mechanically perfect and structurally sound. That is a hot rod: a car that's built to be driven, and driven hard--not cleaned, shined, looked at...and then loaded onto a trailer clean enough to double as an operating room and hauled to another show.

* * *

I've got tonight off, and three hours of SF goodness to watch. Hoody hoo etc. Of course, there's a 70% chance of precipitation and the area's been hit with several thunderstorms today, so God alone knows how much of it I'll actually get to see....

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