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#1087: Mohammed, bringing mercy to the world!

I saw a billboard on the way to see my niece graduate from junior high this morning. It was an advertisement for some Muslim website--I didn't bother to note the URL--and I scoffed at it with much derision.

"Bringing mercy to the world," I scoffed, "one suicide bomber at at time!"

Please. Mohammed's religion says you have to kill people who don't believe in it. That's not mercy--at least, it's not how "mercy" is usually defined by civilized people.

* * *

While trying to write this, first I tried to write "mercy" as "murcy"--trying to use the "mer" sound from "murder" rather than "mercy", I suppose--and then I tried to write "bullboard" instead of "billboard".

No Freudian slips there. Oh, no.

* * *

Speaking of "the religion of peace", recall that Texas school which had an Islamic indoctrination seminar? Apparently the principal of that school had been told not to do it, and then she went ahead and did it anyway.
...two women from the Houston division of the Council on American-Islamic Relations instructed students that Adam, Noah and Jesus are prophets, announced "there is one god, his name is Allah," taught the five pillars of Islam, told students how to pray five times a day, and instructed what Islamic religious rules require for dress.
And if some Christians had given a similar seminar on the Christian religion, the ACLU would have sent a shipping container full of lawyers down there post-haste to sue everyone and their mother who had had anything to do with this.

In this case? The crickets are chirping.

* * *

And an imam beat a blind boy to death for failing to learn the Koran.

Yeah, he beat the kid with a stick, then hung him upside down from a ceiling fan. That's "mercy", I guess.

* * *

[Barak Hussein] Obama: Like Dan Quayle Only Dumber. Heh.

* * *

Well, I went to my niece's graduation expecting a typical graduation ceremony. I only forgot one thing.

It's a Catholic school.

So the graduation ceremony? It was a Mass. With communion and everything.

And every time I sit through a Mass, I am reminded of a joke told by Dave Allen.

"So this guy, who was a Protestant, was marrying a Catholic girl. And so one day she took him to Mass. Catholic Mass is a big business; sometimes you kneel, other times you stand, and so on. Protestants don't do all that; so she told him just to follow what the other people did, and he'd be all right.
"And so about halfway through, after all kinds of kneeling and standing and singing and sitting and such, he's all hunched over like this [assumes a half-fetal position] and is half out of the pew, half on--one cheek--and huddled up like that.
"His fiancee asks him in a whisper, 'Are your flys open?'
"And he replies, 'No! Why? Should they be?'"

It's a good joke.

As a Protestant, I don't have to do all that, though. I just sit in the pew. I stand when everyone else does, but otherwise I remain seated--no kneeling for me. (I also don't take communion. Non-Catholics aren't supposed to take communion in Mass.)

Anyway, the acoustics in the church were good, and the choir could sing fairly well. Overall it was a typical Mass--I've sat through a few since my brother married into a Catholic family--and that's never a bad thing to experience even if you're not Catholic.

Then we went to a crab place for lunch, and I had "surf and turf"--crab leg and strip steak. And Mai Tais! now that I've had a Mai Tai, I've decided that I like them. I can add them to the "approved list" of drinks, I guess. They'll go on the list with margeritas, Outback's "Wallaby Darned", the tequila sunrise, and fuzzy navels.

Yeah, they're all pansy-ass drinks. What can I say? I'm not a big drinker and I don't like beer or straight liquor. I like cocktails. Since I have a drink or two per year I don't see what the big deal is.

* * *

The only thing that got me today was that the shoes I wore were the pair of dress shoes I bought in the Philippines. I'd meant to bring a pair of dress shoes, knowing I'd have to go to church, but I'd forgotten to pack them, so I bought a nice pair. $20, all leather--not bad, and they look good and are fairly comfortable.

While Mass was going on, I realized that the last time I wore them, I was wearing them to church, in the Philippines--and I had been engaged then. That thought kind of got to me.

I'd like to get over it now, please. It's been ten freaking months already.

* * *

Seasonably warm temperatures today, and it seems that it'll continue for the next several days at least.

I had originally thought to mow the grass this afternoon, but it's almost six PM and I'm tired. I didn't get as much sleep as I'd hoped to and had to drag myself out of bed at 8:45 in order to get to the graduation by 11 AM. *sigh*

* * *

And other than that, I've got nothing. I'll write more later on, when I have something.

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