atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#1095: 78th level??

So I tried the experiment I mentioned before--starting a first-level character in "hell" mode with stats bumped enough to make such a situation survivable, only with a charm that gives a +461% EP bonus.

...I just reached the Monastery in the first chapter of the game, and I'm 78th level.

At first I was going up 4, 5, 8 levels at a time--get into combat, hear the "level up" sound several times before the combat's over--but now that I'm farther along, and much higher level, it's slowed down considerably.

But 78 levels is as high as I got my prior experiment, the character without the EP bonus charm. I think I may finally get a character to 99 levels before finishing "hell" mode. That would be nice.

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