atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#1096: Friday AM content!

77° degrees at 6:20 AM.

Yeah, it's summer now. I don't care what the calendar says; when you start getting muggy nights, it's summer.

Predicted high? 86°. I doubt it; in summer it's typical for daytime temps to rise 20° over the nighttime temps. I'm betting on "mid-90s" today.

And a chance of thunderstorms every day for the next five days. *sigh*

* * *

I am definitely liking Mokke. I particularly like Shizuru.

Ep 26 of Hayate no Gotoku has a Revolutionary Girl Utena homage in it--Hinagiku's got the right color hair and they ended up dressing her in the outfit.

I never did get to the end of the RGU storyline. I was getting the comics in some compilation magazine put out by Viz (it changed names a few times and I don't remember what it was called when they ran RGU) but in 2002 I had to stop getting them, because I spent that year unemployed. (Thanks, Al Qaeda.)

* * *

I've got the VCR set to record Doctor Who and Battlestar Galactica and the encores, so hopefully even if it does rain tonight I'll be able to see the shows. I'm starting to think that something's gone wrong with the satellite system here, because we never used to have this much trouble with losing the satellite downlink in storms.

It would help if it didn't rain at all, but so far it's rained every damn Friday since the new season of BG started. Every Friday.

* * *

Steven Den Beste reports that he just ordered, among other things, Battle Skipper. OMG.

The show is so bad that it lives up to the abbreviation of the title, "BS". I mean, it's bad. I don't know if the sub was ever made available; all I ever saw was the dub. BS was the first example I'd seen of translators using a Jersey accent to simulate the Kansai dialect, for one thing; for another, the dubbing wasn't very well-done.

I sincerely hope he got it subbed. But even so, I think he's going to regret buying that stuff. O Lord.

Then again, he likes Dragon Ball....

* * *

I haven't gone to the Christian singles' web site I subscribe to for several months, except to look at e-mails I've received. Most of these have been from Russian women; a few have been from Filipinas.

Since I've been feeling cynical and derisive about the entire mishmash that is "the mating game", I haven't felt like bothering with any of that nonsense. I keep reminding myself to cancel the damn subscription since I'm not using it, but I keep forgetting.

This morning I saw that a 29-year-old woman from "California" had sent me a message. The picture was of an improbably pretty woman and the "handle" was approximately Slavic. I logged into the site and...hey, wait, there aren't any new messages. WTF?

It took me a few seconds; then I realized that this person had had her account deleted. When an account is deleted, all e-mails sent and received by that account go, too. So sometime between the timestamp on the e-mail in my ISP account--which was last night around 7:30--and the time I checked the singles' site at about 6 this morning, this person's account got dumped into the bit bucket.

Which is just as well, as I wasn't planning to reply, anyway.

* * *

I know, I know--you have to get right back on the horse and keep on riding, I know. But that only applies if the horse isn't chaotic evil.

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