atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#1097: And a good time was had by all.

For one thing, I decided I'm not going to buy that $15 MP3 player at K-mart.

At work I saw a 1 GB MP3 player for $35 which uses AAA batteries. I like that much better than a rechargeable unit, because I tend to leave things sit for a long period of time; I'd rather be able to yank the battery when I'm not planning to use it. Besides, I also like not having to wait for a battery to charge when I want to use the thing. And $35 is an okay price.

* * *

Had a McSkillet and hot cakes for breakfast. Ah, yummy.

* * *

Last night at work was "okay". Went to the warehouse, then did Receiving.

It had looked like I was going to have to stay a bit late to get everything done, but I got a little help at the end of the night, so I got done at 5:55, and punched out at 6:00 AM. Whee!

And my feet don't hurt as much as they usually do. Hooray for me.

* * *

What a freaking idiot, indeed. And I love the fact that this link is called Burnination. All hail Trogdor! This is one of the things that makes Neal Boortz so great!

The woman in question is a freaking moron, no question. Trogdor the Burninator should pay her a visit.

* * *

And while you're there, scroll down to the picture of Cristina. Damn!!! I vote for "can I have her number?"

* * *

Solar astronomers thought ol' Sol was developing another sunspot, but it faded out before it got going.

* * *

Other than that, I've got nothing. I haven't watched last night's DW and BG yet; in fact I got home, fired up the machine, and ate breakfast while surfing the usual suspects for stuff to blog about. I haven't even had a shower yet; that's next on the list, once this is done.

Then bed. Ahh, sweet bed, partner of sleep, which cries out for me, how I long for its dear embrace.

...yeah, that's enough of that BS. Later.

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