atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#1102: I suppose I should have mowed the grass yesterday.

Today there's a 70% chance of showers, pretty much all day, and looking at the radar does not inspire confidence: there's a nice big band of storms stretching from about here all the way to Texas. I can see storms as far as Springfield which are heading in approximately this direction, plus an additional wad of precipitation which will stretch across the state if it doesn't change much while passing over the Mississippi river. That system could cover a 60-mile wide swath from Chicago to Saint Louis; that's how big it is.

"70% chance" may be a bit pessimistic.

Well, no one will care if I don't get the grass cut until Tuesday or maybe Thursday evening...or even next weekend, if it comes to that. I still have to get a new blade for the Awesome in any event. The tractor (which, as yet, has no name) can probably cut down old-growth forests if I need it to, so long grass shouldn't present much of a problem for it.

And of course if the forecast is correct, and I can get the grass cut this afternoon, that's also fine. I just don't care.

* * *

I got another phantom e-mail from the Christian singles' web site. Heh.

* * *

Until Boortz updates, I've got nothing else to talk about. I mean, nothing, because I spent a lot of Sunday asleep.

How pathetic.

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