atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#1105: The Monster HDMI cable scam.

I just came across this article, which pretty much guarantees that if anyone ever tries to sell me a Monster product, I will laugh in his face.

I found this via Dan's Data; scroll down about halfway and read the one titled "Another chance to link to this comic".

Monster's products are overpriced crap, and it's overpriced crap that doesn't do anything special. And the "scam" mentioned in the first link only further demonstrates this; if the set with the composite input instead used an HDMI cable, you wouldn't be able to see a difference.

It's the uneducated folks that I feel sorry for; they don't know that they're getting scammed, so they shell out $80 for a cable that they should only have to pay $20-$30 for.

Me, I won't wipe my nose on the stuff.

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