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#1109: Wednesday morning linky-dink and stuff and comments and....

Why is Barak Hussein Obama's birth certificate a secret? Might there be something which would prevent him from being President?

Wouldn't it be screamingly funny if Barak Hussein Obama was elected President, and then we learned that the Constitution forbade him from serving? Instant vice-President action baby!

The riots in black city centers would never stop. I mean never.

Of course the usual suspects would scream about how awful the citizenship requirement was.

Go ahead, Mr. Barak Hussein Obama. Keep your birth certificate secret.

* * *

Jack Daniels Barbeque Sauce is four proof liquor! That's right--it's 2% alcohol! You could get drunk on it!

...if you drank, like a case of it. Anyone who can stand to drink a case of barbeque sauce in order to get mildly buzzed is freaking welcome to do it.

This reminds me, inversely, of the story about the idiot kid who tried drinking malt vinegar, thinking it would get him drunk. (What it got him, of course, was something which I will charitably call "indigestion".)

* * *

No sunspots! Another article about the quiescent sun. Heh.

* * *

However, reports that sunspot number 998 has appeared! Whee!

* * *

Second full tank in the Escort since getting it street legal again; I got 34 MPG. Whee!

* * *

Habit is a terrible thing:

I absent-mindedly threw the wrapper for my McSkillet in the wastebasket.

Then I looked and saw the wrapper laying on the floor.

Then I remembered that the wastebasket got moved over to where I was working on the rusty LD player, so I'd have a receptacle into which to place rust flakes. Heh.

* * *

Via Boortz today: a true gem from a true moron.

Q: "Should Congress continue to fund NPR?"
A: "Congress should continue paying for it because if they don't, the taxpayers will end up paying for it."

O Lord.

* * *

Pedophiles will have a harder time getting their pictures if this plan goes forward.

I've kind of been wondering about that. A lot of law enforcement initiatives aimed at rooting out illegal internet activity have all but ignored the Usenet...until now:
Cuomo's office issued a statement that attempted to make the obvious sound surprising: "An undercover investigation by the Attorney General’s office uncovered a major source of online child pornography known as 'Newsgroups,' an online service not associated with websites."
Every time I heard a story about a "ciddy pr0n ring" being busted, it was in the context of "web sites" and "chat rooms". The fact that newsgroups are now being targeted indicates to me that law enforcement officials are a) getting smarter; and b) running out of low-hanging fruit (ie, criminals who make themselves easy to catch, as opposed to someone logging on to an anonymous news server...).

The Usenet predates the World Wide Web by over a decade, for crying out loud.

* * *

I spent some time last night digitizing anime music, so now I have eight new tracks to listen to. And I'll probably end up doing Receiving at work tonight, too. Heh.

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