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#1110: It's E!

In hex. It's E. The equivalent of 14 in decimal.


* * *

Ann Coulter: "We invaded Iraq to protect America." O Lord I love Ann Coulter.

* * *

Here's something interesting: We may be underestimating total oil reserves.

We could have as much as twice as much oil remaining as we think in known-and-proven oil deposits. Man.

* * *

Good old Moammar Khaddafi has seen better days. Damn, he looks awful in that picture.

And he's afraid that Israel will assasinate Barak Hussein Obama. Apparently he believes that Israel assassinated JFK, too.

Someone put him in charge of the FBI or something, because he's obviously a better detective than anyone J. Edgar Hoover ever hired. Wow. All this time we've wondered if it was a conspiracy, and good old Moammar knew all the while that it was Israel! Will wonders never cease?

* * *

This is how Mugabe's thugs deal with the opposition party: take an opposition leader's wife, cut off a hand and both feet, throw her into her home, and throw in a Molotov cocktail, incinerating her alive.

Nice people. I can't fathom why anyone would want someone else in charge.

And apparently MI6 has discovered Mugabe's got links to Al Qaeda. Surprise coefficient: 0.00...0. People who love power and try to force others to their ways through brutality tend to flock together.

Apparently Mugabe's gone to AQ in order to get weapons, since he was apparently unable to receive his early Christmas present from China Claus.

* * *

If you physically prevent a doctor from attending your wife during childbirth, and there are complications, I don't think you have the right to sue because the kid is born handicapped.

But a Muslim man "...physically barred a male intern from entering his wife's room for half an hour, citing religious reasons, after a midwife asked for help with the labour."

"Religious reasons"? It's against islamic law for a doctor to see a woman naked? What, would the guy then have to kill his wife to retain the family's honor?

What utter bullshit. And so the kid's born with a severe mental handicap, when it probably could have been prevented if this guy hadn't been such an asshat.

So of course he sues, because it's not his fault that the kid is handicapped; it's the hospital's fault. He had to bar that doctor from seeing his wife's naked body! The hospital should have female doctors on hand at all times just in case some whacko muslim jerk's wife is having a complicated labor!

...I'm glad this shithead got fined for his actions. What a penis.

* * *

The Anchoress always has something I want to link to. Today it's this. And she thoughtfully included this graphic:

But even better was her link to/quote from another blog: Mama, we're all racists now?" It's made of awesome. The gist is that whatever reason you may give for voting against Barak Hussein Obama, the real reason is that you're a racist. Period.

* * *

The International Astronomical Union--suffering recto-cranial inversion--ruled that Pluto is not a planet. So what is it? Well, they put their pointy heads together and thought about it, and hashed out this gem:

Pluto is a "plutoid".

That's right: it's not a planet, but whatever it is, it requires an all-new classification of celestial body, and so they have invented the term "plutoid" to describe it.

Yes, they're serious. They really are.

What the fuck was wrong with just calling it a planet?

* * *

A bit of Jalopnik:

The new Ford Flex is apparently made of butt-uglium, same as the Honda Element and anything by Toyota's "Scion" division.

Pontiac Trans Sport minivan, convertible version. And just so you know, you can cram a Cadillac 4.9 V8 into one of those things--a guy on the Fiero forum did it for laughs--and, properly modified, a 4.9 can make over 200 HP and over 300 lb-ft of torque: 1987 Mustang territory, in other words.

This was done by taking a Sawzall to the bodywork, though. Not recommended.

* * *

We got a hot day on its way here. I worked last night; I need a shower, some food, and some sleep.

...there was something else I wanted to make a wisecrack about, but I forgot what it is. Sorry.

UPDATE: The Moammar link has been corrected.

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