atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#1122: It's official: Mugabe doesn't care what the people want.

That's right! He'll start a war if he's not elected! The opposition are "traitors!

That's just spiffy. This is one reason Africa is such a royal mess--just one. "Rule of law" means nothing to most of the ruling class there, except as a convenient fiction as long as it supports their remaining in power. Once it begins to work against them, they toss it overboard and out come the guns and machetes and molotov cocktails.

The script being played out in Zimbabwe now is approximately the same one that's been played out many times before, in other third world countries around the world. Unfortunately, it's the average person who ends up paying the highest price for all this shit; the thugs get arrested or shot but the hoi polloi end up maimed or killed in horrible ways; the ones who survive otherwise unscathed still starve or, at best, eke out some kind of subsistence.

And it didn't have to be like that. It happened because Mugabe was more interested in his own power and comfort than he was about the well-being of the people of his country. Because all he cared about was making sure he and his cronies would have as much power and wealth as they could grab.

So his policies ended up ruining the economic machinery of the country; and he doesn't even have the good grace to lose an election, retire, and go live somewhere on the millions of dollars (non Zimbabwe dollars, BTW) that he's squirreled away; he could live like a king for the rest of his life that way--but he wouldn't be a king, as he is now, and no way in hell is he going to give up the power of being in charge of a country, even one that's turned into a festering cesspool. Because of him.

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