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#1123: Nothing this fine Wednesday.

...except the Crete weather station is reporting that it's 87° outside. Other stations in the area? They report temperatures between 67° and 75°. Yeah.

Here's the graph for the Crete station:

Notice how, about 6 AM, it begins a precipitous climb? Almost thirty degress in the space of an hour, after which it levels off again.

Compare it to the next nearest weather station:

Rest assured, it is not anything like 87° outside. It's cool and breezy.


* * *

Just to further flog my FTP account, here's an edited version of the picture I alluded to in an earlier entry, to which Unix Jedi was thoughtful enough to provide a link:

If I am correctly divining what the blurred letters say, that IBM hard drive weighs thirty freaking kilograms. (66 pounds.) And in the upper-right corner, a 1 GB SD card, about the size of a postage stamp, weighing in at about 10, 15 grams.

What a difference a score of years makes. Now, that is. 200 years ago, 20 years was nothing, because the advance of technology is exponential: the technology advance of yesterday makes today's that much easier; and the two of them combined make tomorrow's advance easier yet.

That's one of the biggest problems I have with Star Trek, by the way. Starfleet is huge, and yet there are never any improvements in the technology. The Enterprise of season one of ST:TNG is the same as the Enterprise of the last season--its capabilities don't change. Nothing new is invented.

In that kind of world, where they have real language interfaces with computers and can set up highly complex problems (eg Wesley's brain simulation in "The Game") with a few sentences of natural, non-technical language, how the hell is there nothing new happening, technologically? Is it because everyone has food, shelter, clothing, and medical care provided to them, that they don't have to work at all? So only the dedicated few bother to do anything?

If so, that society is on its way out. I'm just sayin'....

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