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#1124: Yeah, that would help.

Another Democrat wants to socialize the oil industry. Rep. Maurice Hinchey (D, NY) said, "We (the government) should own the refineries," Hinchey said today, according to a Fox News alert. "Then we can control how much gets out into the market."

Oh, yes. Because of course the oil companies are restricting the supply. It's not because the US is straining at the limits of its refinery capacity or anything like that; no. If the government could only be in charge, why, gas would cost $1.00 per gallon!


The problem isn't an artificial limit on supply. The problem is an actual limit on the machinery that turns crude oil into useful products. We haven't built a new refinery in thirty freaking years.

Also, Mr. Hinchey, you may want to revisit and rethink your anti-drilling position if you're so worried about the price of gasoline.

What a butthead.

* * *

WTF is wrong with the Canadian court system? Have they lost their minds? Parents can't ground their kids for being disobedient any more? What the hell can they do?

* * *

The Crete weather station is reporting a temperature of 80°. That's only 28 degrees higher than the actual temperature of 52°.

* * *

Having read about half of the extant Futari H, I have to say I'm finding it entertaining. It's got some humor in it. It's partly meant to be semi-instructional (hence TokyoPop's re-naming it Manga Sutra) with facts and figures sprinkled throughout to give the reader some information on how most people view this or that facet of human sexuality.

The nicest thing about this is that it's not typical hentai manga. It's just normal people having sex; no "big boob", "dick girl", "forced", tentacle, BDSM, "loli", or, erm, poop--all of which I have seen in hentai manga, to my chagrin. It's rare to find any H manga that doesn't have at least one of these elements, which is why I stopped bothering with it: as funny as it is to see familiar anime characters getting jiggy with it, the nasty stuff just turns my stomach and ruins the humor. (As for Futari H, the female lead, Yura, has a bust size of 83E in Japanese sizes, or about 37D in American. She's really busty for a Japanese woman. But that's still not "big boob"; BB stuff is more like "Hi, I'm Junko, and I have breasts as big as my head!" Blech.)

I was thinking about how Makoto is the series "Don't-Bee!" in that he's a little overly enthusiastic and tends to be an idiot about a lot of things--and not too sensitive to Yura's feelings at times--but then I realized that Yura's not exactly in the right all the time, either. She worries too much about looking "perverted", and doesn't feel right about wanting sex, for one thing.

But of course it's supposed to be a guide for people who don't know much; and considering how repressed Japanese society is, it's not really surprising that this series was/is so popular there.

Again, this series is not safe for work or children, but I don't think it's a bad sick evil thing to behold, either. (Then again, I don't regard human nudity or sexuality as bad sick evil things, anyway. Your mileage may vary.)

* * *

And so it's Thursday already. We had a small truck last night (1501 cartons) and the floor was done at 5 AM. I ended up leaving at 5:38 because Receiving was finished and there wasn't anything else I felt like doing. I could have stayed and helped out with any of several things, but WTF, I missed 22 minutes of work; screw it. A bunch of people left at 5, so it wasn't like I was the first one out the door or anything.

I like a night when I don't have to work my ass off to get everything done; last night was just such a night. I had stuff to do, and there was plenty of heavy lifting involved, but I didn't have to run at top speed all night. That's nice, once in a while.

* * *

I'm hearing tell that we won't see any new Battlestar Galactica until "first quarter 2009". WTF! We get to see, what, nine or ten new episodes, and the season is over for another half-year at least? What is this shit?

* * *

...I haven't got a zippy ending for today's post. Sorry about that.

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