atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#1127: The Mark of Justice

Makes Belkar too sick to fight.

I thought I'd go ahead and look it up since I wasn't doing anything else today.

* * *

I've now seen all the Futari H that's available here and learned--to my chagrin--that it's not even 25% of the entire series.

37 freaking tankoban. That's more than Ranma 1/2 for crying out loud. I wonder how quickly TokyoPop plans to release this stuff.

BTW Yura getting pregnant turned out to be a false alarm--just a late period, is all.

The story runs a bit slow in 2H due to all the sex scenes--it is a hentai manga, after all!--but there is a story, and over the course of the first 8 volumes of the series I've come to care about the characters and how they deal with the issues in their lives. When Makoto is confronted with the hot chick who wants him to commit adultery with her, I worry that he'll give in this time, while having some confidence that he's not that kind of guy. I want to see if Makoto's younger sister, Jun, successfully meets a guy she can love. And does Kyoko, their next-door neighbor (who also ends up being Yura's gynecologist) ever get a man and lose her virginity?

Flee in terror; it's pr40n with a plot. I didn't think that stuff existed outside of French literature and "Womyn's" Study groups.

* * *

There is a manga series about a high school kid who wakes up one morning and discovers that he's permanently female. It ran for years and followed him her through college and into adult life, where she got married and had a baby--but I can't remember the title of it. I did a half-assed search this afternoon and turned up nothing.

I read about it in Mangajin, years ago. That magazine is defunct, sadly, and has been for about a decade. I miss it; that's where I learned about Maison Ikkoku, which got me into manga in the first place. It also alerted me to the existence of Yawara!.

* * *

That also reminds me that the latest tankoban of Strawberry Marshmallow should be out, now. Guess I should go pick it up one of these days.

* * *

Speaking of Yawara!, I placed my pre-order when? How long ago? Months? And I've heard nothing about the release of the thing since then. Damn it.

* * *

Sunspot #999 slowly crawls across the face of the sun, all by its lonesome. Will it get to the other side?

* * *

I finally got a "flashing battery" icon on the GPX MP3 player, so I tossed the battery and put another one in. I think it must've been not less than five hours of play time on that battery, intermittently, which is very good. It could have run longer, in fact.


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