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#1128: Ahh ha ha ha ha

Belkar's Mark of Justice...OMG...I laughed.

* * *

I once came up with a cursed magic item called "Eyes of Pestilence", which were indistinguishable from "Eyes of Minute Seeing" or "Eyes of the Eagle"--basically they're magical hard contact lenses which grant the wearer various powers, such as distance vision or microscopic vision, when inserted into the eyes. But not "Eyes of Pestilence". No.

"Eyes of Pestilence", once both are inserted, immediately begin to gush spiders, snakes, bats, ants, flies, mosquitos, fleas, etc. They don't actually injure the wearer, but he's completely unable to do anything useful. He can't really see, except for brief glimpses around the fountain of critters, so it's all he can do to walk without guidance. It ruins surprise, drops his charisma to 3, and makes him a target.

Of course the various critters pile up if he stands in one place, and they don't restrict their attention to him--they'll go after anyone and anyone in the vicinity.

I used it once.

* * *

The nearest Chinese place has a dish they call "Lucky 7" which I enjoy. It's got chicken, pork, beef, shrimp, cashews, peanuts, and almonds in it. It's $10 for an order of it, from which I usually get about 3-4 servings.

It's supposed to be a spicy dish, but I am always leery of telling them I want it "hot", because to an oriental chef "hot" means "this will make your mouth feel as if you tried to drink from an acetylene torch". Ever had Vietnamese cooking? Ye gods! Thai's got nothing on Vietnamese cooking, let me tell you. O Lord.

The problem for me is that I--due to various stomach ailments during the 1990s--had to tone down my diet. I like spicy food--I always have--and when I was a teenager I ate pepperoncini right from the jar. But the time I spent on a blander diet lost me my immunity to capscasin, so now I have a much more normal response to it.

I would have been all over Thai and Vietnamese food when I was 19, dang it. But now I can't get any pleasure from eating the hot stuff because it just hurts, no matter how good the flavor is.

Thankfully, though, I can still handle Hooter's "Three Mile Island" wings. I tried their "9/11" wings, though, and they were just too hot for my taster. Crap.

Anyway, the default for "Lucky 7" seems to be moderately spicy. I could stand it just a bit hotter, but the way it comes is good enough, and I still end up picking chili peppers out of the stuff. (Yeah. I don't eat the chili peppers. I can't handle pepperoncini anymore, and they're mild by comparison.)

* * *

We got struck by a sudden downpour this morning. It reminds me of this gem from May of 2006:

...when I was trying to get some car work done and kept having to stop because of the damn weather. (An Atomic Fungus so old it doesn't have an entry number: This is why I'm paranoid. Heh.)

That's pretty much how the radar looks this morning, as well. That's early summer for you, I suppose.

Anyway, it shoots in the foot my plans for cutting grass this morning....

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