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The dewpoint is insanely high right now, so even though it's a reasonable temperature outside it's not comfortable.

I went to the store to exchange the too-big shorts I bought on Monday, pick up my paycheck, and 2x check my schedule; and while it was nice weather for driving, I wouldn't want to have to sleep in that guck.

* * *

Apparently someone is going to try to set a steam-powered land speed record. The vehicle uses steam generators rather than a boiler; it burns LPG and has a run time of 3 minutes. Talk about a "specialized vehicle".

Steam is inefficient, though. A piston-type steam engine is about 8% efficient. This vehicle uses a steam turbine instead; I have no idea what the efficiency of a turbine is.

On the plus side, it's good for making torque. Torque is what you want when you're trying to move a load, which is why steam locomotives persisted long after diesel locomotives were available: they worked just fine. But once diesels came on the scene it was only a matter of time before the steam locomotive went away, because a diesel locomotive is at least twice as efficient as a steam locomotive--and it's a lot easier to operate one.

* * *

The conclusion to the Doctor Who ep "Silence in the Library"--I've already forgotten the name of the second ep--added another bit of proof to my thesis that the Doc can be extra-scary when he wants to.

He as much as threatened the entire species of Vashtanarada (sp?) with extinction: "You ate someone I liked, and you're standing in the largest library in the universe: look me up." And the V. backed down....

Just bear in mind that the Doctor is a nice guy because he wants to be, not because he has to be. Half the time I'm positive that he enjoys all the running around and narrow escapes from death; I'd swear that he privately considers it to be his exercise regimin. Cripes.

Just consider the fact that he could easily be just as jolly and silly as he normally is while wiring up the machine that would wipe out all life on Earth--give him a good reason to do it, and he'll get to work. I'm just sayin'.

* * *

Next week I work W and F; the following week--when I have my colonoscopy--I work M and F. Whee.

* * *

I had another idea for a manga series. Again.

The name came to me first: Chicory. The series follows a group of late high school/early college girls. I'm thinking it's going to be a bit on the "H" side. It's in a rural setting; I was thinking somewhere in Hokkaido, perhaps.

The main character has come to live with her grandparents, who run a small onsen, and as she finishes high school and prepares to go on to college she meets several people and begins to build a coterie of friends.

I haven't yet decided why she has to live with her grandparents. I don't think it'll be the standard "she was orphaned" deal, though. Maybe her parents split up and neither wanted to take her. Maybe something else is wrong with her parents. The point is, she's not with them; she's with her grandparents, having had to leave Tokyo and her old life behind.

The basic theme is not so much "good girl going bad" as "good girl going different". The abrupt and major transition in her life ruins her plans for the future--who to marry, what to do in college, what career to tackle, and so on--and in her new envionment, utterly bereft of reference points, she picks a new path pretty much at random.

The life which results is not a bad one, nor is it even an undesirable outcome, but it's not what she expected to do with herself and it's not how she expected her life to go.

Chicory is going to be a hard one to work on. It's a slice-of-life drama, and it's not the kind of story I normally do--I like 'em light, comedic, with a leveaning of drama; I am not well-suited to doing heavy stories.

The relevance of "chicory" is how chicory is used to make coffee less bitter--the allusion being that the bitter aspects of her life end up being muted by something which is added to her existence.

I have the basics for a humdinger of a series, here. Still lacking is minor things like character designs, and--oh, I don't know--artistic talent, probably. *sigh*

This is series idea number seven for me, by the way. It would be so very nice if I had connections in the manga industry. I could just write all this shit out and have someone else do the artwork if that were so.

"So?" you say. "Do it! What's stopping you?"

From where I am right now, I cannot get there. When you don't have money you can't hire someone; and I don't know anyone who can really draw who would be interested enough in the project to devote the kind of time it would require. I can write like the dickens* but would need someone who can draw like the dickens for this, and I do not expect a capable artist to subvert his entire artistic efforts to my own visions for a percentage of profits (which may never materialize) and good feelings. No.

*Not the "Dickens" as in Charles Dickens; I am using the common expression which means "I do [that] really well."

But "H"? A series set at an onsen? I could bet my lunch money that it'll end up being "H", so I might as well plan on it from the beginning. OMG t3h b00bz0rz.

* * *

For some reason I've been simply exhausted since work Wednesday night and Thursday morning. All I've really been doing since Thursday morning is eating, sleeping, fiddling with the computer, and sleeping some more. (And watching a bit of video here and there.) I basically slept all day, until about 6:20 this evening; and now it's almost midnight and I'm starting to fade out again. It's really irritating.

* * *

Another weird vocal habit of mine:

In the movie The Sure Thing, there is a scene where Walter "Gib" Gibson--played by John Cusack--goes into a bar. He's a freshman in college, so he's 18; the bartender looks at him and says, "Are you 21?"

Gib wordlessly reaches into his pocket, pulls out a license, and drops it on the bar. The bartender examines it, then says, "Okay, Dr. Livingston; what'll it be?"

...and every so often when I am trying to figure out what I'm going to do, I'll ask myself that: "Okay, Dr. Livingston; what'll it be?"

The Sure Thing occupies a lot of my brain cells anyway; it's my all-time favorite movie, and I have it memorized. (But for a few segments, none of which is vital.) Once, when I was at work on a night when none of my friends was working, I amused myself on breaks by mentally reciting the entire movie, front to back. (And, yes, laughing at the funny parts.)

When I hear the intro for Huey Lewis and the News' "Heart of Rock and Roll", the first thing that comes to my mind is the first line of this movie: "Consider outer space: you know, from the time of the first NASA missions, some thought was given to sending up a man and a woman...together." (Gib is talking up a girl, trying to get some, and failing.)

Rob Stewart's "Infatuation" makes me recall Nicollette Sheridan walking on the beach in a white string bikini, applying sunscreen, and laying down in the sun. The Eagles' "Heartache Tonight" prompts me to remember the bar scene. And so on.

It's the only movie by Rob Reiner that I like.

* * *

Yes, really. Yes, I am including Princess Bride in the list of his movies that I don't like. Yes, Spinal Tap too. What do you want? Rob Reiner is a douchebag.

* * *

The blueberry scones from Walt's taste extra-good if warmed in the microwave for about 20 seconds.

* * *

I haven't watched any anime since the 13th. I'm not sure what's wrong with me.

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