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#1142: D3 info update

Release date: TBA
Other character classes: 5, other three TBA
System requirements: TBA


...and it looks like everything went up just today, Saturday 6/28/08. So maybe the reason the site kept horking my connection was sheer nerditude: people like me eagerly surfing the site to see what's coming.

D1 and D2 didn't need a hell of a lot of computing horsepower--by today's standards--to operate. Even D2 only needed a P2 running at 266 MHz in order to be happy. I'm hoping that D3 won't require any hardware upgrades to this computer. Nothing more than a video card, anyway. (Okay, Blizzard? Okay?)

Looking at the video of sample play, though--whoo. The artwork is gorgeous and the gameplay is spectacular. I suppose I'd better start saving my pennies for a better video card.

The characters won't be hardwired to a specific sex; you can have both male and female barbarians and witch doctors, according to the gameplay video, and by extension I assume the other three character classes will also be sex-customizable. (Not going to the extreme of Ultima III and allowing you to select "other", though, which is just as well IMHO.)

* * *

The heat and humidity of the week has dissipated, and it's now in the 60s and dry again. It's nice not having to run the AC.

Maybe cut the grass Sunday, then. Have to go buy some gas, though. Fortunately gas is cheaper this weekend than it has been. Of course, I just filled up the Escort--dropped $33 into the tank--and so gas prices dropped.

But they didn't drop all that far really--I would have saved maybe $0.40 or $0.50 on the tankful--so F it.

* * *

The village of Steger, immediately to the north of Crete, has a sign up announcing the "Steger Summer Fare". Yes, "Fare". I really, really hope that they actually meant "Fare" and not "Fair".

Mom commented that she saw, in the paper, mention of workers erecting a "STEAL pole". WTF.

Spellcheck reports no spelling errors! It's fit to print!


* * *

When the temps jumped this past week, so did the apparent population of fireflies: suddenly the back yard was a riot of the things. They're less active tonight than they were Wednesday. I really like fireflies, anyway.

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