atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#1143: Bill Clinton still wants oral sex.

But let's be honest, don't we all? Still, desperation may have made him a little less selective than previously, as he is now asking Barak Hussein Obama for "favors".

(Oh, come on: if there is anything the Fungus loves, it's satire.)

Both Bill and Hillary have a history of anger-management issues, though. The Clintons are very used to getting their own way and I expect Bill's pissed because the media stopped being his friend. He's a "has-been"; he's no longer President. Barak Hussein Obama, on the other hand, is a "might be", and he's "young" and "hip" and "all that", which the press just loves to pieces. Even many aging hippies have thrown over the Clintons for Barak Hussein Obama, probably because they think that somehow makes them still matter.

As an aside, I recall that one bumper sticker slogan of the hippies was "trust no one over 30". Then it was "trust no one over 40". Now it's "trust no one over 70".

Well, if they didn't increase the age, they'd find themselves over the limit, and of course whatever ossification of thought that made people "over 30" untrustworthy, of course that didn't happen to them.

The left may as well be saying, "Bill Clinton, you're old! Give up and go die or live in a nursing home or something!"

* * *

Because of the picture with it, I link to this article about Barak Hussein Obama supporters taking Barak Hussein Obama's middle name for themselves (eg "Emily Hussein Nordling") because they are sick of "...Republicans pronouncing Barack [Hussein] Obama’s name like it was some sort of cuss word."

The picture shows a group of young morons who support Barak Hussein Obama, and they all look like complete shitheads.

Denis Leary said it best: "You're 18 years old, you don't know shit about shit!"

Republicans (like me) don't emphasize Barak Hussein Obama's middle name because it's a "cuss word". We emphasize it because the media wets itself whenever anyone emphasizes anything which can be even suggested to imply the perception of something possibly negative about Barak Hussein Obama. We do it to piss off the media.

Why get upset? We're just calling the man by his name, after all. It's not like we're calling him "Barak Hussein [n-word] Obama" or anything. It's his name.

If you want to informally adopt your idol's middle name, go right ahead. Most people will laugh at you for being such a tool, but hey, whatever floats your boat.

* * *

"Massive head trauma" <> "decapitation", but I suppose it makes for a better headline if it sounds as if a Darwin Award nominee got his block knocked off by a roller coaster.

You know, if you hop over a fence with signs on it which say "DANGER" and "DO NOT ENTER", and then get killed, I don't have any sympathy for you.

When you do all that because you want to retrieve a hat you lost while riding something that moves in excess of 50 MPH, I somehow have negative sympathy for you, and I'm not even sure that's possible.

"Durr! I'm going to wear a hat while riding a roller coaster! I'm not taking it off and sitting on it, no siree! Ooo, my hat is gone! I'll go get it! Durr!" THUD

...and they even tell you not to wear loose articles of clothing while riding the thing. I've ridden enough roller coasters to know that much.

The moron's parents will probably sue. *sigh* And the marching morons claim another victory over common sense.

* * *

Dad always insisted that we save anything that could be valuable, so we have one of these bikes in the garage, in pieces. I can guarantee that it's not worth one percent of the bike in this story, though, as it was used and used by a young boy.

The bike in this story was stored in a garage and used about three times, and otherwise collected dust for 45 years. The paint is not scratched, the tires are intact, and all the original hardware is present. The seat upholstery isn't split, either.

The bike in our garage is rusty, scratched, dinged, missing parts, and disassembled to boot.

Yet we couldn't throw away the parts; oh, no! They would be valuable some day!

Of course, the bike in the article is a very early one; that and being in mint condition makes it so valuable. If it were in the shape the one in the garage is in, it'd be a different story, though.

* * *

So I made a comment in this Fiero forum thread about Hall Effect sensors. While I couldn't offer any techical help, I did have this:
Current flows from C to E
Magnetic field changes Hfe
That's called the Hall Effect, girl
That's called the Hall Effect, girl
Q1 is biased with I1 low
The magnet makes the current flow
That's called the Hall Effect, girl
That's called the Hall Effect, girl
...without any apologies to Gwen Stefani whatsoever.

* * *

Speaking of PFF there's a 9/11 conspiracy thread here, and what got me was one person's quote: "I SEEN A MISSILE HIT THAT ****ING PENTAGON... A DAMN MISSILE! THE ONE THAT SHOOTS FROM A SHIP.... WHAT THE **** IS UP WITH THAT???? NO ONE EVEN SEEN A PLANE HIT.


...quoted as posted. Yeah, all caps, etc. One of my friends then quoted him:

"'BIN LANDON!' Wasn't he the guy on Bonanza?"

...and I'm sitting here LMAO because of that.

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