atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#114: Tool chest!

You may remember from #105: What $35 will buy that I missed out on getting a cheap tool chest from Harbor Freight, for $180.


This past Saturday I got another flyer from Harbor Freight. They average one or two per month, and mostly it advertises their "specials". Many of the "specials" roll over from flyer to flyer, as is apparently the case with the welder I bought.

One distinguishing difference was the coupon on the back of the flyer: 20% off any single item. AND the tool chest was back on sale for $180.

I carefully read the fine print and saw, to my delight, that the 20% would stack atop sale price. So today I went to Harbor Freight and bought me a tool chest...regular price $260...

...for $154 with tax.

So it was lucky that it had gone off sale last week, wasn't it?

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