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#1155: Ha! I was right!

Jalopnik on the 110 MPG car that I discussed here.

Of particular interest is this comment in which the poster remarks that the car would have to be 62% efficient in order to get 110 MPG.

While I didn't have hard numbers, I figured it was highly unlikely. All the comments are worth reading.

* * *

The Barak Hussein Obama campaign is inventing new rights for us:

1) Everyone has the right to a college education.
2) Everyone has a right to breathe clean air.
3) Everyone has a right to free health care.
4) Everyone has a right to demand that the rich pay taxes in proportion to their ability to pay taxes.
5) Every gay man has a right to feel comfortable.

Dang, that's something else.

* * *

Some counties in California refuse to follow the California Supreme Court's ruling on gay marriage. This will be interesting. Better keep an eye on this issue.

* * *

The dew point remains at 69° despite the rain we had. That means "sticky". I dislike humidity.

Last night was beastly hot at work, and the first thing I did when I got home was to take a shower. A nice and cool one. O did it feel good. I want to sleep.

* * *

I purchased a set of earbuds for the GPX MP3 player. The earbuds which came with it won't stay in my ears unless I hold them in. The ones I bought are "Skull Candy" brand and they have soft rubbery cushions on the outside which hold them in the ear. And they really sound good.

I had intended to spend $15 on them; but someone stocked the wrong item (one that had not yet been set) and the price on that item was $20. Oh well. With my discount I paid $18, which means the earphones cost me almost as much as the MP3 player did.

* * *

I talked with a coworker who's also a big gamer, and he says that World of Warcraft costs $15 per month...and I'm actually thinking I might like to try it. But I'm going to wait until winter, when I won't want to go outside and work on cars anyway. They called Everquest "Evercrack", and I suspect that WoW might just as well be called "World of WarCrack". Heh.

* * *

Other than the heat, last night was all right. I didn't have to work my ass off, nor did I have to spend too much time listening to shitmusic. I wish more of my nights at work were like that one; my feet didn't even hurt! How's that for weird?

(I did have an episode of gut malf, the "hurry to the bathroom NOW" variety, but a single tablet of Imodium prevented any further episodes thereof.)

There were two carts of water--from the pallet I dropped--in the breakroom. I took four bottles.

* * *

I'm thinking of changing my availability--instead of M-W-F, work F-Sa-M. I really don't like working on Wednesdays. This way I'd have Sunday off, and then Tu-W-Th off. Having three days off in a row would help me get stuff done; at least, it would make it easier for me to get stuff done. Downside: I'll be less available for weekend stuff, but WTF, I don't have a life anyway.

* * *

The bed, partner of sleep, cries out for me. I think I'll go keep my bed company for a while.

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