atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#1156: Apparently I am engaging in "fear mongering".

..."fear mongering"?

I'm trying to figure that one out: "'s hardly necessary to spout someone's middle name. We're well above the intellegence of fear mongering."

What reaction am I looking for, here, when I say that the presumptive Democrat nominee for this year's Presidential election is Barak Hussein Obama? Am I trying to scare people? Am I trying to associate him with terrorists? What, exactly, am I doing?

As far as I can tell, I am simply using the man's full name, mainly because of this. John McCain had to denounce a supporter who repeatedly referred to his presumptive opponent as "Barak Hussein Obama". I asked, "WTF! Since when is it worthy of condemnation to refer to someone by his actual freaking full name?"

And then I said this (it was, by the way, April 4, 2008; BHO's policy on an Iraq surrender may have changed since then. Several times):

I'll tell you what's wrong with it; "Hussein" is a muslim name, the same as "Barak"--only "Hussein" is more obvious, and the last thing the Demokrats want is for anyone to think, "Gee, Barak Hussein Obama has two Muslim names; might he be sympathetic to the motivations of Islamofascist terrorists?"

Barak Hussein Obama's stated intentions regarding his policies for prosecuting the war on terror--ie "lose it as quickly as possible"--do not mitigate the fears of people who wonder about where Barak Hussein Obama's loyalties lie. I for one would like to think that he would take national security seriously, but I've seen how seriously Demokrats take the issue of national security and have to conclude that he means every word when he says he's pulling out of Iraq pronto.
In other words, Democrats (and the various mainstream media outlets who are in the tank for BHO) are the ones who have all the trouble with Barak Hussein Obama's middle name, because they know that if Barak Hussein Obama is connected with "Islam" there are plenty of people out there who will refuse to vote for him. That's why we're not allowed to mention his middle name: they are the ones who are afraid of it.

That's why the newspapers buried the fact that Barak Hussein Obama's preacher of 20 years, Jerry Wright, gave Louis "Nation of Islam" Farrakhan a "Jeremiah Wright Award". Last thing we want is there to be any connection implied between Barak Hussein Obama and anyone who might even be remotely sympathetic with Muslims.

For what it's worth, I don't think Barak Hussein Obama is a practicing Muslim. Hell, he's barely a practicing Christian; like many politicians he finds it useful to give an appearance of attending church and taking it seriously, but I really doubt that Barak Hussein Obama is seriously religious in any way, and even if he were he wouldn't be able to let on that he was that devout--not as a member of the Democrat Party. Look at how they react when George W. Bush is religious, for crying out loud.

But Barak Hussein Obama is a practicing and devout Democrat; and the policies and positions he's outlined would be disastrous for our country. He has no executive experience whatsoever; he's got very little political experience of any kind. If he becomes President, it's going to make Jimmy Carter look like freaking King Solomon or something.

(That, by the way, is closer to "fear mongering" than simply calling the man by his full name, Barak Hussein Obama. Just so you know.)

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