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#1157: Uh...NO. Not just "no" but "F--k NO".

Way to convince people not to fly, morons. Make people wear shock bracelets. "Before we let you on the plane, you have to wear this bracelet which will stun you with high voltage should you try to commit a terror attack."

No. Just no. No no no no no. Fuck no. We are not going to let the goddamned government put fucking shock collars on us. I'll fucking walk before I do that in order to take a fucking airplane.

The people responsible for this think that passengers will love it. A stupid few will. The rest of us will give up flying first, and the airlines will go under.

Is Barak Hussein Obama's birth certificate real, or not? Do we even know? They said this was BS; now they're saying maybe it isn't? Which is it? Why the hell can't we just verify that Barak Hussein Obama qualifies as a native-born US citizen? The man himself could easily stop all this speculation by releasing an honest-to-goodness real copy of his birth certificate--not a questionable one--and proving that he's 100% good-to-go.

McCain was challenged on his eligibility--he was born to two US citizens living in the Panama Canal Zone--and he answered the challenge by releasing a real copy of his birth certificate. Barak Hussein Obama has apparently relied on Daily Kos to answer this, and apparently there are some doubts as to the authenticity of the document posted there.

But don't you worry, Democrats! The press will keep this buried as deeply as possible, until and unless it actually comes out big-time. Then you'll not only have a huge story to cover--presumptive nominee is ousted due to lack of citizenship--but you'll get a couple of big bonus stories: 1) Hillary Clinton sweeps back to take the nomination, and 2) major riots in the ghettos!

Oh, and 3: John McCain, President #44.

* * *

Another opinion piece on Zimbabwe. Specifically, how Robert Mugabe is clinging to power there, how bad things are, and how much worse they're going to get.

(And, not to make light of the situation, a name a writer could never get away with making up: "Paddington Japajana". File this one under "truth is stranger than fiction".)

After losing the election, Robert Mugabe could have relinquished power, retired, and lived relatively peacefully. He might have had to leave Zimbabwe to do it, but he could have. Now he has assured that the only "retirement" waiting for him is that of the grave; because either he'll die of natural causes--he's in his 70s--or someone will kill him. Either way, the people of Zimbabwe are going to pay the greatest price for his naked ambition.

* * *

The bat isn't real; is that actually her bra? If it is, I want her phone number.

No, I'm kidding; she's in England, which is too far for dating. Besides, she's half my age. But man, that's a big bra, aina?

What a smart bat. I envy it.

* * *

Glaciers on Mount Shasta are growing. That's right; global warming is making the glaciers there get bigger. Don't you understand by now that "global warming" can do anything?

The article cites a bunch of eco-nut BS, too.

"The majority of the glaciers in the world are shrinking". Not true.

"...the warming oceans." No warming of the oceans has been demonstrated, which is puzzling the warmistas. If the oceans don't get warmer, the Earth is not getting warmer, and the oceans are in fact a little cooler than they were 10 years ago. (WE DON'T KNOW WHY.)

This part is right but incomplete: " Climate change has cut the number of glaciers at Montana's Glacier National Park from 150 to 26 since 1850..." ...but that's because the Little Ice Age ended sometime in the 1800s and we're warmer now than we were back then.

"Glaciologists say most glaciers in Alaska and Canada are retreating, too, but there are too many to study them all." (emphasis mine) So: We say with authority that most of the glaciers in Alaska and Canada are receding, but then we say that--gosh, there are just too darn many of them to study them all.

So how the hell do they know "most" of them are retreating? Eh?

Then right to the BS: "Global forecasts show temperatures warming from 2 degrees to 11.5 degrees Fahrenheit by the end of the century if no major efforts are undertaken to reduce greenhouse gas emissions." This obviously does not take into account the 0.775° of cooling which has taken place since January of 2007. Taking it into account, then, it's closer to 1.125 to 10.775 degrees of warming...and the lower figures are the way to bet, since human "greenhouse gas emissions" are not primary climate forcings. (Tertiary, probably; secondary at most.)

That's a real load, right there.

* * *

Another version of the hippies-versus-forest rangers story. It still makes me laugh, that all this trouble erupted after they threw out the Boy Scouts, who were there to do volunteer work.

How much do you want to bet that the "Rainbow" douchebags left the place an unholy mess, with litter and garbage everywhere?

* * *

The sun is blank. No sunspots. Still. When did #999 go away? Has it been two weeks? I can't even remember now. Jeeze. June 21 was the last time I made note of it. So now it's been--check the calendar--eighteen days since there's been any sunspot activity at all?


* * *

So I'm now officially on "colon prep" for my little procedure tomorrow. Cue the "clear liquid diet"; and this evening, oral laxatives to make me crap like a broken fire hydrant!

...the next 24 hours are going to suck most egregiously. I'm going to do my best to sleep through as much of today as I can, because my diet will consist of Jell-o, broth, and juice. How much fun can a man have and stay sane? I'm going to find out!

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