atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#1158: Change Jesse believes in!

Open-mike gaffe! Jesse Jackson said he's going to cut Barak Hussein Obama's nuts off.

One of my favorite Dilbert strips features the Pointy-haired Boss, Dilbert, Wally, and some third guy in a meeting. PHB says, "Don't be afraid of change."

The third guy says, "You're right! I'm going to get a sex-change operation and move to China!"

The PHB looks freaked out, and Wally just says phlegmatically, "I always wondered what would happen if someone listened to you."


* * *

Arr, me treasure not be everything it were cracked up to be! I would love to know the story behind a wood and leather trunk full of one brand of chocolate washing up on a beach. I bet it's pretty damned funny.

* * *

A personal first for me: writing a blog entry from the bathroom while I wait for the 1.5 ounces of Phospho-Soda to finish working its magic on my digestive tract.

On the plus side, the stuff didn't taste nearly as bad as the other stuff I've taken in the past for "colon cleansing". The first time it was magnesium citrate, a 4-oz bottle which tasted nasty. The second time it was a gallon of GoLytely, which tasted even worse than the magnesium citrate, and which compounded the evilness by requiring that you drink 8 oz of it every 15 minutes, when the flavor of the stuff makes you want to hurl. Argh.

This time it was 1.5 ounces of stuff mixed with a big glass of Gatorade. That was a mistake; I should have had something else, because the phospho-stuff is salty as all get-out. Still, it was better than the last two times.

Anyway, I think I can safely risk getting more than a few paces from the bathroom now.

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