atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#1161: And that's over for five years.

My colon got a clean bill of health. No polyps, no other signs of bad-ness. No Chrone's, no irritable bowel, no ulcerative colitis, nada.

...whatever it was that was causing the long-term gut malf, I don't know, and the doctors don't either, but it seems to have mostly gone away anyway, so F it.

Doc told me, "Come see me in five years."

I guess you just can't beat that.

* * *

While waiting for the procedure, though, it occurred to me that a year ago on this day I was on my way to the Philippines. That was a depressing thought, because I had no idea what was coming a scant three weeks from then...and it sucks to remember being so happy and having such a happy future planned knowing how it all went since then.


Well, today's news was happy, anyway, because it means that my colon--however annoying it may be--is reasonably healthy. I guess that's enough.

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