atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#1163: Miscellanious updatery.

You're My Girlfriend manga, on-line. I read the entire thing at one sitting as it's not really long.

I like the art style, and the story--while predictable--is okay.

Also, the Chocotto Sister manga. Haven't gotten all the way through this one yet.

* * *

After the scoping, I had a Big Mac, a large fry, a quarter-pounder, and a large coke. Then I slept like an entire freaking forest for the rest of the day. It was 7:45 when I woke up for good, and I proceeded to eat half of my leftover Chinese food from Tuesday night. Me? Hungry? Nah.

* * *

These "Skull Candy" earbuds are fantastic. I'm not an earbud kind of guy, but these things rule.

First, they sound great; the frequency response is a full 20-20k. The stereo imaging is perfect: it's like the music is magically appearing in my brain. And I'm hearing things in the music I never heard before!

Second, they're the most comfortable head-speakers I've ever used, including my Koss Pro/4X Plus over-the-ear headphones (vintage 1988). I can even lay down with them in my ears, roll over in bed, and fall asleep, all without any discomfort whatsoever.

Third: all this for $20. (Well, $18 plus tax, with my employee discount.)

These things are so good they make me want to find reasons to use them. So I'm now thinking of the brand as "Skull Crack". But damn, I can't help it: they're good.

I have to wonder what the $50 set sounds like, though....

* * *

So today--Friday--I have work. Saturday and Sunday off; then M-W-F next week. *sigh* That's okay, though, because I need money for stuff anyway. Heh.

If I am reading the carton labels correctly, this year Target will be selling 5 spiral-bound, single-subject, 70-page notebooks for $0.50. That's $0.10 apiece. Last year a 6-pack of such notebooks started at $1, and I bought a case of them for some hideously cheap price--I can't even remember how low it was, but it came to something like $0.05 per notebook or so. If these things go clearance, maybe I can beat my record....

But besides that, we're selling printer paper in 500-sheet reams--20 lb bond paper--for freaking $0.82 per ream. Do you have any idea how fricking cheap that is? I'm going to buy a case of that stuff ASAMFP at that price. I try to buy paper at Wal-Mart when it's on sale for $2.50 per ream.

I'm pretty sure the price on the shelf must be wrong, so I'm going to scan the price before I commit to buying a case of the stuff. (I'll have to locate a case in the stockroom anyway.)

Yeah, I could live with paying $8.20 plus tax for 5,000 sheets of printer paper. This would ensure that I would not need to buy printer paper until 2015.

* * *

I put the laptop in "standby", and before I took my shower I unplugged it. I'd forgotten to shut it down, so it sat there with the battery light glowing amber for several hours. After I got home from the clinic and wolfed down breakfast, I had a quick sit to ensure the gut was empty--and plugged the laptop in, came out of "standby", and resumed watching an episode of O!MG! that was on it.

This thing won't run for 2 minutes on battery power, so why the hell could it sit in "standby" for four hours on the battery? WTF. Maybe the problem with my laptop is not the battery but the power supply associated with the battery.

* * *

And so now it's 2:25 AM on Friday, and I'm starting to fade out again. I'm not sure what's due to the anasthetic and what's natural; I figure that I slept like a nursery full of babies this afternoon because of the stuff they pumped into me before I got scoped, but after sleeping like that, why should I be so tired now? Laziness? Stupidity? Whatever it is, I have absolutely zero reason to fight it, so I'm going to hit the hay.

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