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#1166: Ah, a rainy Saturday

Barak Hussein Obama's convention plans are "fascism". Yeah, right. You guys throw that word around with the same impunity you throw around "racist", "bigot", and "Nazi".

* * *

So much for "freedom of expression. Students start singing the national anthem in a public place, and the security dudes take 'em to task for it. "How dare you sing the national anthem in a government building without permission?"

* * *

Fuel theft gone horribly wrong. I'd like to say it's a shame the thief got burned, but let's face it: he had it coming.

What an asshat.

* * *

Steven Den Beste today has a post on what a real police state is like.

LOL, about Steven's post. And another comment at another blog.

Some moron on Ask Metafilter asked about going to China and handing out fliers about the guy who stood in front of the tanks in Tiananmen Square.

It is fashionable among those on the left to fantasize that they live in a police state, here in the US, and that they virtuously resist by "speaking truth to power". They imagine that they take great risks in doing so as they protest in front of the White House, and feel as if they touch greatness, modern kin of the great leftist revolutionary heroes of lore.
But as he notes, this does not prepare them for facing down actual oppressors. The people running China--who, ironically, are more leftist than the lefties of this country--would not be amused by this American liberal's antics, and it's likely that this guy would disappear into the Chinese political prisoner system and never reappear.

* * *

Oops. Sorry about that, bank. Guy hits a bank awning with his trailer and brings the whole freaking thing down.

Bad construction, that.

* * *

Are you shitting me? The Nevada ACLU comes out in favor of the individual's right to own firearms? The ACLU?

Is hell freezing over? Is Jesus coming back? Holy shit!

* * *

Although last night's truck was small (1400) I ended up staying until 7 AM. For some reason I'm extra tired, too--I slept until 8 PM for the first time in a couple months, and woke up tired and not wanting to move. But I did go and do; and now it's Saturday and I don't work again until Wednesday. Yahoo.

My cheapo GPX MP3 player is on its 4th battery. I'm going to have to buy some more AAA batteries soon since I forgot to buy them last night.

Incidentally, that paper which was supposedly priced at $0.82 per ream? That was an error, as I expected, and the actual price is $3.89. *sigh* So I didn't buy any.

* * *

The Skull Candy line of headphones is odd; the 'phones I bought--silver "Ink'd"--have a 20-20k frequency response. The rest of the Ink'd line run $15 per set, but the silver are $20.

Then move up a notch, to the $30 'phones; and their frequency response is 80-20k. ...wait, they're $10-$15 more and sound worse? WTF.

Move up a notch from there, to the $50 earbuds, and you get 20-20k again.

They also make actual headphones, too. Same weirdness: the more expensive pair has a narrower frequency response.

The boss, when I commented on this, asked me, "Ah, but do the more expensive ones look cooler?" I didn't really know one way or the other, to be honest, because I have all the style of Dilbert. Anyway, when I buy headphones I worry about how they sound, not how they look.

Not that any of this really matters to me. I'm fine with the silver Ink'd earbuds.

* * *

...time for bed.

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