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#1168: Mixed bag today.

Muslim effected by Iowa flooding won't take government loans to help his business for religious reasons. Apparently Muslims aren't allowed to pay interest.

Okay--so what? This guy is unwilling to take a loan; fine. So he needs $18,000 to re-open his business and won't take a loan; whose fault is this? Am I supposed to feel sorry for this guy? Is the government or someone supposed to give the guy $18,000?

I guess I just don't understand because I'm a member of a religion which doesn't have all kinds of stupid and unreasonable rules that make it harder to live in a modern society.

* * *

Vox Day on the Dr. "Bag Lady" Meyers, the guy who wants to post a YouTube video of himself desecrating a communion wafer because he apparently has nothing better to do with his time.

This adolescent douchebag is a "new atheist". Quoth Vox Day: "He has apparently taken the New Atheist mantra of showing no respect to religion or to religious individuals to an extreme...." Yet he's not preparing to make a YouTube video of him desecrating something islamic, is he?

* * *

Boomers are whiny maggots. Do tell. I never could have figured that out on my own.

This is the first generation which wanted the Moon and whose parents actually got it for them...and then they lost interest: "the Moon rockets are boring!"

"A recent University of Chicago sociology study compared the results of happiness surveys going back more than 30 years and found that boomers have never been happy." (Emphasis theirs for a change.)

I can't wait to see the apologetic articles explaining all this as not being their fault. Heck, this article takes that tone in spots. "There, there! It's not your fault you're a bunch of whiny douchebags; it's the times you were born in!"


* * *

Yesterday was "errand day"--went out to the nearest mall and picked up some things, like my prescriptions, birdseed, etc. This was after I mowed the grass in the morning and watched my car shows.

Part of the "etc" was picking up the latest Suzuka, Strawberry 100%, and Strawberry Marshmallow tankobon. (Volumes 8, 5, and 5, respectively.)

Strawberry Marshmallow 5 was the book that I've been waiting a year to read. Vol 4 was released in June of 2007; Vol 5 was released in June of 2008. I have to wonder when Vol 6 will come out--June 2009? WTF.

And once the errands were done, and I'd read a bit, I fell asleep for eight freaking hours.

* * *

I found Doujin Work on the manga site from which I read 2H and Chocotto Sister. It's a 4-panel comic, and it's pretty good. The scanlation only goes up to chapter 17, unfortunately.

It also has the My Dear Marie manga. MDM was a 3-ep OVA series that I liked, long ago enough that I only have it on VHS.

I looked at a couple of other random titles and did not come away impressed with them, which is probably why I can't even remember their names.

* * *

I now have a couple of supporting characters for Chicory, and a chapter splash page. If I could just figure out where to begin I would probably have several pages of layouts by now.

One of Subaru's friends is a girl named Ayumu Katsura, and she wears her hair like Ayumu "Osaka" Kasuga from Azumanga Daioh, so naturally everyone calls her "Osaka"...and she hates it. Ayu-chan is nothing like Osaka, except for the first name and the hair. Trope used: Subaru won't call her "Osaka", thus earning her friendship. (Ayu-chan isn't unpopular. She just hates the nickname.)

I know that the story begins in Hokkaido in November, a couple of weeks after Subaru has moved there. Now I can't seem to pick a setting for the first few pages. It's just not coming to me, even though I am ready to draw.

It's not quite the same as writer's block--I know what I want to do; I just can't decide how to do it.

Well, it'll either go, or it won't. In the meantime I've got a couple tankobon to read....

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