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#1169: To be honest, this isn't that surprising.

Car and Driver has an article about surprising similarities in vehicle performance, such as a Toyota Camry performing as well as a Subaru Impreza WRX. (Via.)
Imagine the surprise on that sports car driver’s face when what seemed like an ordinary vehicle produced an extraordinary run. Oh, savory indeed is that brand of automotive irony.
Such as the time my 1995 Escort LX with an 88 horsepower 1.9 liter engine was able to keep up with, and pass, a BMW 318i--a newer car with a list price 2x that of the Escort?

I'm surprised that a Toyota Camry goes 0-60 in 5.8 seconds, though perhaps I should not be; twenty years ago that was incredibly fast--you needed a Mustang GT or a Corvette (or a Buick Regal Grand National) to do that.

Kind of makes me re-think the entire notion of a Toyota being "boring". Still, to do that, I bet you've got to flog that V6; the Japanese love to build high-revving engines and lots of their cars make their peak horsepower at ludicrous speeds.

Besides which, the Impreza WRX isn't the top-end Impreza. The top end is the WRX STi, which costs about $30,000 and is stupid-fast.

It doesn't really matter to me, as I have no plans to buy either vehicle, even after my situation improves to the point that I can realistically consider buying a new car. (I'm working on it. "Don't try to live your life in one day," said Howard Jones, and he was right.)

* * *

Steven Den Beste posts about the ghosts of USS Clueless and the messages he gets from people as a result.

His various postings on alternative energy are what I refer to when I need to remember why it won't work. They were always clear, cogent, and 100% factually correct without so much as a shred of wishful thinking. His articles neatly crystallized, in my head, a lot of inchoate thoughts I'd had, here and there, about the viability (or lack thereof) of alternative energy systems.

As I recall, I got "hydrogen is an energy storage medium, not an energy source" from there.

It's why Google's asinine alternative energy initiative inspired such scorn here at the Fungus; SDB's prior discussions of the issue had led me to think seriously about both the economic and technological issues of power generation and distribution.

I miss USS Clueless; I really do. But as a longtime reader of SDB's, I know why he stopped--and I don't blame him one bit, either. Now he blogs about anime, and seems to have a lot more fun with that.

* * *

As for me, I can only stand to take "intellectual rigor" so far before I lose patience and start banging my shoe on the podium. I don't claim to be fair, here. Then again, having been well-steeped in the era when a few men in smoky rooms controlled the major media of this country, I tend to be inclined to say things specifically because the VIPs in the now smoke-free rooms can't control the Fungus, and I can say things that make them dismiss me as a hayseed from flyover country who didn't go to Yale or Harvard or any of the other "right" schools.

* * *

(...and I was thinking about that the other day: how lucky I was to go to a school which was concerned with teaching me useful information, where the students were there to learn things rather than waste four years and tens of thousands of dollars on PC beetle tracking.)

* * *

I don't know what my problem is, but since the colonoscopy I have not had much energy. Yesterday was the only day since then--other than Friday night--that I did anything useful...and I slept a lot afterwards.

Starving myself for a day (I maintain that a "clear liquid diet" is not food) and achieving "gut blowout" through the liberal use of laxatives must have drained my "ki" or something. Dang it.

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