atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

Funk Jama-P

Last night I had to work, and I brought a CD with me, intending to ask that it be played over the PA system.

They play music over the store PA system for the night flow team. Most of the time it's R&B, soul, or rap music. None of that stuff is any good IMHO, so normally I have to suffer with horrible music. On Fridays, though, it's usally some mix of rock music--Whitesnake, Queen, Van Halen, etc.

I made a CD containing a bunch of different music, none of it sleep-inducing, and requested that the boss slip it into the CD player after a lunch break. He agreed, after I told him what was on it, but I unintentionally gave him an incomplete picture.

"What is it?"
"Uh, it's a mix of stuff--it's got some Van Halen, some Peter Gabriel, some Satriani...."

So the break ended and he put the CD on.

The first track was Solitude Aeternus' "Pain", followed by Van Halen's "Mine All Mine", and then by Peter Gabriel's "Red Rain". It went on more or less in this vein until it got to the penultimate track on the disk, "Funk Jama-P".

When I heard the intro to the song, I burst out laughing; I had forgotten that that particular song was on that CD.

This song, you see, is a rap song, from the Wedding Peach "Dream Collection" CD.

Wedding Peach is an anime series--a Japanese cartoon--of the "magical girl" genre. The main character, Momoko Hanasaki, is a "love angel" and she fights evil by transforming into a bride. ("Momo" means "peach" in Japanese, and "ko" means "child" and is a typical ending for the names of Japanese girls and women.) Wedding Peach is pretty much the ultimate expression of the "magical girl" genre, in so many ways. (Cardcaptor Sakura is the best magical girl series out there. But Wedding Peach is perhaps the purest example of the genre that I've ever seen.)

Anyway, the song is sung by a creature named Jama-P, who is Wedding Peach's enemy at the beginning of the series. Jama-P is soon redeemed in a process which is so unbearably cute that it moves people to nausea when they see it. Afterwards, Jama-P becomes Wedding Peach's mascot. (All magical girls have a cute animal sidekick, which is commonly referred to as her mascot.)

So: imagine, if you will, a store full of people who have exactly zero exposure (or interest) in anime; they are working one night and--in the middle of some perfectly acceptable rock music--they suddenly hear this cute Japanese girl voice singing:

Wai! Wai! Jama-P!
Pretty! Pretty! Jama-P!

...and you will understand why I thought this was so very funny.

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