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#1173: Oil supply

President Bush opened some parts of the country to oil exploration. Oil then dropped, I am told, about $8 per barrel.

But we can't drill our way out of this problem. Oh no. The only answer is conservation and alternative energy, because the Democrats think that doing anything to increase the supply of oil won't fix a goddamned supply problem.

Argh. Sorry about that; constantly repeating myself makes me irritable.

* * *

I did another few pages of Chicory this afternoon. It just goes to show you that when it's time to railroad, that's when the railroading occurs. And not until then.

* * *

It's 4:30 AM already. After grocery shopping I hit the sack, and stayed there for most of the rest of the day.

The weather was July-like: hot and humid, and I didn't want to do anything outside; I'm starting to get bored with D2 again, and you can only play so many games of Freecell before your brain goes numb. And I'd already had my daily "hit" of anime; once I'd drawn those few pages of Chicory, I was pretty much ready for a nap anyway. (I'd been up since about 4 AM.)

Today is Wednesday, and it's a workday. Whee. But that will, hopefully, soon change, as I've put in an availability change request at work: I want to work Friday, Saturday, and Monday, instead of M-W-F. Saturday is one of the hardest days to fill, worker-wise, so I don't think that'll be impossible. Removing Wednesday might be a point of contention, but more likely not--Wednesday is easier to fill than Saturday is.

Anyway, I realized that everything hurts because of my "on one, off one" work week; I don't build up a tolerance for the work because there's about 40 hours between shifts--too much rest time--so my body doesn't get tougher.

This ought to fix that. Also, it will concentrate three days off in a row so I have a better chance of getting stuff done, while still leaving me time to take care of the chores Mom needs done (eg my chauffeur duties).

...and I want to state for the record that it is purely coincidental that Christmas Eve and Christmas Day fall on Wed-Thu this year.... [insert innocent expression here]

I will likely end up working New Year's Eve, though--if only by taking someone else's shift--and I don't care one jot.

* * *

I've been considering keeping a small notebook with me and writing down every movie-related catchphrase that I use. I've come to realize that a lot of the stupid crap that comes from my mouth came originally from a movie or book or TV show, and I think it'd be fun to have a list of all that stupid crap and explanations for it.

Why? No real reason.

* * *

My initial assumption about the latest Order of the Stick plot arc was wrong, but not by far.

As I recall, in the olden days, golems used to be considered "undead", but now they're "constructs". So Roy won't be undead. No; he'll be a bone golem. And WTF is that going to do for our story? I can't wait to find out.

This, after Burlew made us wait a week to see what happened when Celia went to Greysky City. How dare he have a life?

* * *

90° temps projected for the rest of the week. Ah, lucky me; I get to go work in the hottest part of the store (Receiving) where the air conditioning is "broken" again. I think it last broke in 2005, and it took them 4 months to get it fixed.

Yes, the AC was fixed just in time for Halloween.

I expect a similar result this time. Now, if the AC over the office area was busted, you can bet your privates that it would be fixed soonest. Or if the boss had his office back in Receiving. But--WTF, Receiving is on the other side of the building from the offices, and it's not the most energy-efficient space in the store anyway, so it'll just be cheaper to leave it broken and say that "we have a work order in for it!" until it no longer matters. Say, October.

Meanwhile, the people who have to unload the freaking truck every night sweat their asses off.

It'd be nice--in a schadenfreude sort of way--if something meltable (like a pallet of chocolate) got stored in Receiving and was ruined because the AC doesn't work. But we're not going to get a pallet of chocolate in July; it just doesn't work that way. And the Halloween candy won't start coming in before the end of August at the earliest.


When it's cold back there, it's relatively easy to stay warm; you just work. Maybe wear a hoodie on particularly cold nights--otherwise, no problem. But when it's hot, there is nothing you can do about it because working just makes you hotter.

Yeah, my attitude about this is cynical and probably unbecoming. But I can't help it; how many parts on a typical commercial AC unit have a three-month backorder? And how many of those parts have a two-year MTBF?

* * *

Sigh. "Humans are pouring large quantities of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere every year, which is changing the climate and the chemistry of the oceans."

The opening sentence of this article is completely unsupported by any actual science. Besides, human contribution to the atmospheric carbon cycle is three percent of the total annual carbon budget of the atmosphere. And most of that is carbon dioxide, which is 0.78% of the atmosphere, so, once again, we are told that 3% of 0.78%--.0234%--of the atmosphere is ruining the global environment.

This is why I can't take the science articles on Ars Technica seriously.

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