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Major US City Officially Condemns Catholic Church. Click on the link and you get a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge because--surprise!--the "major US city" in question is San Francisco!

I must be psychic to have figured out--before clicking the link!--that it was San Francisco.

There is one problem with SF's resolution 168-08: there's this little clause in the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States which is frequently interpreted as "separation of church and state". Basically, SF's resolution is unconstitutional.

That shit cuts both ways, assholes. Either we get creches in the public square, or the public square can't say it hates Catholicism.

* * *

I think this is actually a good idea. Maybe it'll force people to actually obey the freaking law.

* * *

If Barak Hussein Obama were a Republican, this wouldn't be the case. There'd be about a billion jokes about his speaking gaffes alone. But because a Democrat speaking badly doesn't fit the template, it's not done.

* * *

Purdue U. decides the janitor reading the book about the defeat of the KKK in a street riot in 1924 is not, after all, a meany mean-head, and apologizes for saying he was.

Looks like sanity has prevailed, for once.

* * *

Woman apparently didn't understand how she got pregnant and ended up having seven abortions.

That's just--I mean, wow. You would think that after the first couple of times she'd figure out what she was doing wrong. Like: "Hey, maybe I should take the Pill or make him wear a condom." You know? So as to avoid having to go get an abortion? Maybe learn the meaning of the term "contraception"?

She's British, which means the British National Health Service--NHS, socialized medicine--paid for her abortions. If you're going to socialize medicine and make the government pay for abortions, why not make it a rule that you have to be sterilized after your fourth or fifth abortion? You clearly don't want to breed, and you (equally obviously) don't understand how you're getting pregnant--or, at least, you clearly don't care to take any precautions--so why not?

And this woman would have gotten an eighth abortion if her "partner" (not "husband"; partner) had not convinced her otherwise. And she had an abortion after her one surviving kid was born.

This story is a major WTF.

On the other hand, this one, sadly, is not. In a culture which is trying to remove all responsibility from sex, to turn it from procreation into recreation, it's not surprising that babies are considered disposable. I mean, a late-term abortion kills an otherwise viable child. Is this girl's solution all that much different from a late-term abortion?

Only difference: where the baby was killed. It was outside her body.

This is another thing I keep repeating, over and over again: however you spell it, late-term abortion is infanticide. The moral ground is considerably more ambiguous when you're talking about a fourth-week zygote than when you're talking about a healthy baby which would have lived a full, healthy life if the doctor hadn't punched a hole in its skull and vacuumed out its brain.

I don't see how we can condemn this girl for doing this while giving a pass to doctors who perform late-term abortions, not when the difference between the acts is a legal fiction at best.

* * *

While writing this entry I ate half a can of jalapeno Pringles. And I could eat more of them. What's the chemical name of crack? It doesn't look like there's anything in the ingredients list that could be crack, but you never know....

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